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I read the story "Summer" for the authorship of a vsedlyavas and I was so excited about the story the boys, which they whore, that I decided to write a sequel, but only on behalf of his girlfriend Marina, which is mentioned in the original story.

My name is Marina and I want to tell you, dear reader on a harrowing story about love and violence. I'm pretty redheaded 17-year-old girl, one father sent me to summer camp for children in the Crimea, which was more like a pension, as counselors paid us a little time, probably counting us old enough or simply a reluctance to mess with us.

On the first day I placed my things in a locker and went for a walk with his new girlfriends, whom he met back in the bus. They are quite nice and sociable girl, truth was in our company some Vika, which I immediately did not like ... it was a tall, slender blonde with a clear leader character and the nature of bitchiness, she enjoyed absolute authority in girls and all of her ideas have always found support in our company. Of course. immediately she appeared in the person of Six 15-year-old brown-haired Thani, who went everywhere for Vika and at every opportunity to lick her ass. So far, only figuratively speaking.

We swam together, played volleyball, tennis and other games in the camp was a lot of nice guys, but I especially liked Kostya. We met in the billiard room, where I used to play with her friends in the evening. Although he was two years younger than me and most of its peers, masterfully owned cue. From that day we began to meet periodically. I began to envy friends, and sometimes they take offense when I went on a date with Kostya, considering that I pay them too little time, and all of them have forgotten. Yet they were jealous that I had the biggest breasts - already second size!

Gradually they began to make fun of me, speak maliciously, and then just fun, especially Vick, who was the main instigator of all jokes.

To me it was a little annoying, and I decided to take revenge on that bitch. One night, I quietly got up and took out her favorite bedside Vika black thong, which she had several pairs. Fished from his pocket stolen from the dining room in the morning More pepper, I generously sprinkled with pepper all over her underwear. Later he went to bed, gloating at the thought that tomorrow will test Wick. Ah, if only I knew what all this will evolve ...

The next day I had a wonderful, though Kostya looked today as something forced. But in the evening after swimming Vick dressed panties, and then I began the circus! Feeling a burning sensation in the perineum, Vick ran around the room, oykaya and not understanding what was happening. While the girls were afraid of her, I could not help laughing nobody even smiled at Tanya. Then she ran to the bathroom, where he heard the sound of a strong water pressure, it is obvious that bitch to wash. 20 minutes later, the toilet ran enraged fury, screaming one word ... "WHO ?????????? !!!!!!" All smiles soon disappeared, and I had to bite his lips fangs to yourself not detect. But surpassing all the second round Vick finally realized and stopped in front of me.

"YOU???!!!! !"

"No, you were Vic, it's not me" - I babbled frightened.

"I know that you are a whore Titted! Who is more in the head will come! Oh, you'll pay me !!!!"

With these words, Vick kicked me in the stomach, why I doubled over. Excuses excuses or were completely useless.

"Come on, girls, having studied this slut!" - Vic shouted and dragged me by the hair to the middle of the room. I roared and begged not to do so, but received only kicks and threats Vicki back. The girls hesitated surrounded me. I realized that I now have to be beaten and begged ... "Not in the face, the girls - I beg you!"

"And we will not face - shouting Wick - We are you in the face, so that your damn Kostya loved you more !!! please him with a broken fucked and ???? !!!!!"

With these words, Vick began to try to kick me in the head, I began struggling to cover her face and shortened, begging her ... "Please, do not hit! What do you want, just do not hit." After some time, having beaten me all edges and never reaching the person, though leaving a few lumps on his temples, Vic stopped and thought, that does not happen often with her. Girls, stop standing around too, though none of them hit the bottom of me seriously, but only kicked his legs to mind - what would God forbid Vick has not broken your evil on them, suspecting collusion. "What do you want ... - handed mocking tone Vic -. The girls, give this bitch a chance to improve, as well?" Girls, his eyes downcast, silent, apparently not knowing what to say in such a situation, and fear of inadvertently angering Vick. Then Tanya yelled ... "No dick! Let otpizdim it properly!" and rushed toward me, striking me hurt his heel in the stomach, and then several times by the pope.

But, oddly enough, Vicky stopped her, gently pulling her friend's shoulder. "Do not let first all vote Then she took a piece of paper and tore it into 15 scraps -. Many girls lived in our room - and gave each of them a scrap of all went to bed and each wrote on a piece of paper either." Beat " or "beat." all this time I was sitting on the floor leaning on the bed, not daring to rise from fear and shock. We solved my destiny and I mentally begged the girls I did not beat him. Vic is looking at all this quite calmly, that scarecrow More more - probably in her head was born some lousy plan from some guesses about where my back goosebumps the size of hippos.

Finally, all the papers were in the hat of one of the girls, and mixed up for mind, Vick told Tanya count them. Then I was afraid that Tanya cheat and any result will tell you that the majority voted for the beating. Preparing for the worst, I thought, what position to take, lest I painted the face and not recaptured the vital organs. But Central, which seemed to last for hours, and completed by stretching pause Tanya with a malicious grin, not promising anything good hands ... "Iiiiitooog ... Do not be beat!" I like a stone from the soul, although it was too early to rejoice. Then Vick probably good to think things through, to offer ... "Let's do this damn his slave? Let fulfills all our wishes at all times, while here there is, and for this we will not beat her" All nodded in unison of course, Tanya did not miss the opportunity admire the genius of Vicki, and she asked me ... "well, what a slut, I agree to be our slave?" I was silent, with downcast eyes, feeling the hopelessness of his situation, I still did not allow pride to admit your helplessness.

"Or do you want to receive from us daily pussy?" - Vic cried, swinging his fist to strike. "No, please, do not hit, I'll be your slave!" - I squeaked. Sensing my weakness, Vick kicked me and said ... "Not just my own, and all the girls! And that appealed to you and not to me only as" Ms. ", realized huesoska?"

"I do not ..." - I began, but then got kicked right in the pubic bone, and stammered, huddled ... "Yes, I understand you, Mrs. Vic ..."

"Quickly mastered, - grinned Wick - So, who are you?"

"I ...?" - I tupila

"You fucking whore !!!" - Cried Vick. Tanya giggled mischievously and said to me - "Come alive again!"

Then I realized that I was losing the last shreds of self-respect, dignity and reputation. Now my life will turn into hell ... everyone will humiliate me, I will not be friends, and God forbid, Kostya finds out about this. But it was too late to retreat, and I forced protesters moving his tongue, whispered ... "I'm fucking whore." But then I was still play the virgin, I never even kissed the boys, even with Bones - for some reason he did not dare, and I've always been shy person.

"Louder !!! Who are you more ???" - I reveled in revenge Wick.

"I - huesoska, dirty whore, cheap slut" - I have already said loudly, spit on the pride, self-esteem and shame.

"Well done ..." - Vika said, patting me on the head, that was more humiliating than when she had me beat. "Now we will call you do not Marina, and ..." - almost could hear the creak of overloading the gears of her brain, and then one of the girls suggested - "Masha". Tanya picked up immediately, "Yes! ... Masha Masha-turd", laughing derisively. Vick liked the name, and since then they call me that way.

"Now we will set the rules for you that you should strictly abide by, otherwise you'll get punished, knew damn?" - Vic told me.
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nephew was silent.

- You see, you yourself do not know - she continued to dial a number.

- Can we do ... somehow ... agree?

- What do you mean "agree"? About what?

Andy looked up with pleading eyes looked at relatives.

- Well, - she took pity. - What are you so afraid of? Penalties?

- N-no, just ... N-well ... I just really a shame! - Said at last grown up - current.

- And in front of me are not you ashamed?

- It's a shame - the nephew sighed. - But here ... nothing can be done. And so ...

- How it all just you! No, that will not do! I can not close our eyes to your offense!

- Please, Aunt Claudia, do whatever you want, just do not call the parents!

Claudia looked at his nephew.

- And what do you suggest? And do not wait, do not get on my nerves!

- W-well ... I may return in the garden you work off?

- In the garden I myself quite well, and no trust!

- Well, maybe in the house to help with something?

- When necessary, I ask. House I, too, can contain, the time I have more than enough, which year in retirement!

Andy depressed silent.

- Here you see!

I had to accept the inevitable. Almost dialed number, but the call fell suddenly and Aunt Claudia began again to break through the HSE. But then she looked at his nephew, who was standing nearby, with his hands behind his back and his head bowed.

- Eka you are irresponsible! Have you ever been flogged?

He shook his head, but then he caught himself.

- Yes! At school!

- At school? Who!

- And you will not tell anyone?

- About School - anyone.

- The teacher carved.

- A teacher ?! For what?

- For bad behavior.

- You have that allowed punishment ?!

- No, she suggested that parents do not communicate.

- What have you done?

Andy lowered his head again.

- Okay. And it you?

- Prut somehow. The rod must.

It was awkward to remember how he completely naked lying on a couch in a dark closet, a rod with a whistle cut through his buttocks. He was then thirteen, and he received the same amount by the number of years. A friend suggested to him that we can agree with the teacher so if you do not want the announcement of all the sins of the parent meeting. Something about what each was silent: for undressing. The teacher explained that this is a shame as a punishment. It's hard, oh, how difficult it was to take everything to the skin before an adult woman, but thirteen years is still not special age.

"And all of a sudden and my aunt to get it ?!" - Andy was horrified. - Yes, even Christina can see! Well, she does not hear of the scandal. "There, in high school when he endured flogging, was standing next to curly blue-eyed first-grader and depressed waiting for a similar fate. While Andy gingerly pulled his pants, feeling the pain of each movement, kid already lay on the couch, and the rod earned again. But this boy, what shy, but here the girl could easily contemplate housemate in such a shameful way.

- And much you got?

- Decent - Andy sighed.

- Judging around, not really helped. And what are you thinking now?

Andy looked at her.

- How do you think I should go with you?

Nephew took the hint, but did not answer, hoping for the best.

- It is hard to you. So, still have to disappoint your parents.

- Do not.

- What do you want?

- Please forgive me.

- Forgive, and you start again. A week, a month, a year, but you'll continue to go about their dirty tricks, but I still stay with guilt, knowing that she could wean you away from it, but did not. No, dear, and do not lean. Choose who will be engaged to you, I or the parents?

Andy knew - pull useless. Aunt Claudia said firmly, resolutely and relentlessly. The hope of a painless resolution of the incident faded.

- You, - he said.

- You parents never flogged?

- No.

- I vyderu you so that you will remember for a lifetime. I agree to my terms?

- Y-yes - hardly uttered Andy.

- I repeat, will not be going back.

- Do not you do not tell the parents?

- Nothing, - firmly promised Aunt Claudia.

"It is better to suffer pain than a lifetime to experience the contempt," - Andy thought. He imagined the painful silence, strained relationships, difficulties in communication, that is, the relationship between him and his family will lose all the ease and immediacy, become an unbearable burden.

- I agree.

- Exactly?

- Yes, - said a teenager without a doubt.

- Well, I'm not coddling you. Remember, you must dutifully fulfill all that I command. Do you understand? I do not like your sluggishness and uncertainty. I repeat, you hear, I emphasize: you will have no problems to do what I say! Clear?

- Yes.

- If you will start to ache again, I stop and call your parents, and the more you can not convince me. You all right?

- Yes.

- Better not lose my time and give up, it is too late.

- Do not, Aunt Claudia, I will do all that you say.

- Without a doubt, you promise? Give us a word?

- I promise.

- Well, - the aunt looked at the teenager as something special, even with some respect. - Tomorrow afternoon I rest a little, and I will send Christi otstegat you.

- Maybe now?

- Wow, how quick! No, it is necessary to properly prepare the rod, and then you have a little, consider their behavior. Maybe more, and refuse.

- No, I will not refuse.

- It now walk, and I'll take care of the preparations. I have a friend one, he knows how to make the rod.

Andy went to his room and lay down on the bed. He felt a spiritual emptiness and fatigue, as if after a long struggle. He was able to defend the secrecy, but too high a price. Looking at the ceiling, a teenager again and again experienced the situation. At the head were absolutely useless thoughts. The solution is not in sight. Tomorrow had a serious test, and ahead - even the whole night. Andy realized how much expectation will be difficult. Already he began to toss and turn from side to side, trying in vain to escape. He was angry with himself because of the inability to discard excitement. Pain, he was not afraid, at the moment, did not think about it. Then why did he not bring to behave as if nothing had happened? Perhaps out of shame? Andy tried to cause upset in the order, but in vain. For a while he forgot himself, but soon the unpleasant emotions again took possession of them. The teenager could not understand what was so worried about him. he agreed with Aunt Claudia, Christy whipping not see the pain you can endure, so what's the deal?

Not finding an explanation of gravity on the heart, Andy got out of bed and decided to walk. Fresh air is good affected him, and although all the way to the brain digesting what had happened, a calm descended on the tortured soul boy. Charging too gave a little courage. However, not too it lasted. Houses excitement has begun to once again tear the nervous system. During dinner, he did not speak, he sat gloomy, boring and eat through force. Aunt Claudia does not show itself, but still Kristina felt something was wrong. Aunt decided to dispel its doubts.

- Christy, tomorrow I will punish Andy after lunch, take a walk on the street an hour or two. I have to remind you about it.

Sitting in front of the TV, Andy stared blankly at the screen, immersed in a very cheerless, gloomy thoughts. The girl looked at him, devoured by curiosity, but did not dare to ask - in fact they are not alone. It has become quite unbearable, and the teenager went to his room. He lay there and tried to read a book, but to no avail. Meanwhile twilight enveloped the village. Newly drawn out. But at the same time incomprehensible heaviness, fatigue, lack of confidence is not allowed to get out of bed, to leave the house.

Andy night tossing and turning, sighed for a moment forget himself crazy dream. In foggy slumber he was afraid of a stranger in a gray suit, who got out of the corner of the hall, where there was a table-book. In his hand he held a black cane with a silver monogram. Teenager wake up, could not figure out where he was, but soon the memories of the heart squeezed and begins tormenting thoughts. Man capable to calm the soul of methane, was not expected. No one to talk to, no one to regret comfort. In such situations, it seems, never even listening. Man remains alone with the disaster.
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Behind the school.

Moving to another city:

So funny it is called by local citizens - the capital of the village - a must!

Its, no one occupied apartment that no one points out what systems and what kind of songs - and where - how to walk. Yes, even naked in the rhythm of tango, a couple with a teddy bear: or even a teddy: What do you want something and do it.

God as a mother worried for her little girl, as all sorts of instructions was dadeno, you can publish them in book form.

"Life and survival in another city. Favorites. 3 volumes." and a small guide "How not to get into a bad campaign. Samoobuchitel for beginners. Part One. Reprinted.". How to shake his head and Dad looked at her so straaanym look: Mom still whispered hurriedly to him, "what are you it was quite a big girl She's a serious, independent, excellent student and is not it does not go anywhere, with anyone not friendly,. all of the books, so let her stay even on their own, it will only benefit, as it does on boys do not pay attention. " Hmmm yes does not pay, well, that this !!!

Dad mom do not explain that she never liked peers - a herd of monkeys from the zoo. And it is not so stupid to pay attention to these brats. She always liked vzroooslye men booolshie, kruuuupnye, sooooliiidnye with schetiiinoy with booolshoy silnnnymi hands with zhivoootikom in the end! This is how her dad like this, but ...

God, are you mine, which only fantasy she replayed in her head with these men, though a virgin !! Only there, in these fantasies, she was not so like the others that she absolutely sure !!! Lord well, who in fantasy, a man does female girl cavalry assaults, and treats its most important (she was sure of it!), A jewel like with your soul - gently, gently, carefully, demanding as a slave and master, teacher and student at the same time depriving her virginity many, many, many times and without depriving it !!! Madness you say, yeah ???!

Yes, she knew that craziness ... but even greater madness were these stupid flickering here and there, so she could feel it instinctively.

LORD, she was ready for her man, if only he knew !!! Just thinking about what she is ready, hot wave of shame, not so much as a guilty embarrassment (which is supposedly that hides from everyone!) It flooded from the top, it seemed to the tips of my toes. And in the very core of her body, for pearl wings, everything began to throb warmly, slaaadko (painfully!) Began to shrink, and (you will not believe!) - The real (she clearly felt it) RAIN !!! Can you imagine ?! No P-I-D-A, you can not imagine! And never submit - HERE !!! Whoever, staring like a rabbit on a boa, looking vanity flickering here and there, and then it is also repeats, never the other is not present. And she would not tell anyone, so if it's all just with someone as crazy (at the mere thought of it takes your breath away, the legs are cotton and painfully sweet shivers TAM) live to do - all my life, until the last breath! !! So we have one like an alien to live, eat, drink, study after all, to hide their secrets and break off, break off, break off - as if she were a saint of some sort! And to remain faithful to her madness as the first and the last - only love! Well, sometimes even to the soul pohazhivat Internet, especially in literary erotic sites - read now and then about other people, but not like her madness.

Also of course enough, but not as much as her, no not so, not so. Just this - "Roses and thorns", the name is a strange story, very strange and this is an understatement! Someone on a forum, even called him a neo-romantic surrealism. Only here for some reason placed in the section "pink". And here is the "Roses and thorns. Part 2", well here in the "pink" will not fit, not fit ha ha haaaaa once in the head to someone it's, well, it must be the same !! Yes, he's crazy hundred percent, definitely crazy !!! ... Only that it was "Roses and thorns. 3 part.". Yes, he's crazy How I !!!!!!!

God trembling hands ... And not only the hands - kolotun all over his body !!! It is necessary for ALL !!! Yes somewhere here I was e-mail, e-my, yes here and he found at last !!! Lord, what to write what he thinks, and what he is, and if he has someone already there, and if, what if ... and if: AAAAAA A-AA-A - in the attack on the recess, orderly and disorganized crowds Mrs Matrosnyaki - the main thing is, what (not who, oN - wHO) rush !!!

There is in these crazy as she is with him, ha ha ha ha ha - they can only be - a piece-work! Yes, even if someone is, in fact, it even can not be jealous, how you can be jealous of his brother's mind, to his sister on the mind, the same as it is, and people like him are not present - that's for sure! And coming up with what to write is not necessary, there are already opened maps - play open goes !!

And yet what he is, what and how, and why ... ... The main thing - it is the same as crazy as I am - this is the only thing !!! And do not care that it's a bit not the same as he wrote, spit and grind, YES! And even if someone is there, it will be to fight for their happiness, voskhitttelno taaaak and many, many, mnoooogo just sweet (or e-my some as it tastes something - she soon learns and absorbs it like a sponge) fight. Holy smoke but do not have to deal with it, he writes, there is no fight, and fight it because it is not necessary, all right - we shall understand whatever it's called, but it was - with it - that's for sure !!!

Somehow, she remembered, but she herself had seen somewhere in the sky during a thunderstorm .... .... facing two lightning ... Face - to become one lightning !!!

.... Yes gde-to she saw it - clearly seen, because she remembers well: Okay then remember: not before - it is necessary to quickly write a letter, probably while he and she did not die alone, and without meeting: and do not care about mistakes again They shake hands, and so they will understand each other:


They met, they inevitably met: if two bullets towards each other, as it sounds implausible - but it's true:

The first words ... First meaningless phrases: first assessing the sly glances: the surprise and confusion - but because they are masked by the master !!!

... So you can play this game endlessly, deceiving others and ourselves: and understanding this simple truth ... Fuck ... Fuck this whole masquerade: let him remain another guerrillas and saboteurs with the front line: they do not we must: first tentative steps towards each other ... careful and inquisitive eyes .... run into the same inquisitive and cautious .... to hell tie them so as not to look for enemies of the people - and so they have more than enough: there is no I still do not have to tie comes to me and I will be tying up all doubt not ... well, you're the same and so we all know: that they simply do not interfere with you until:

And gentle soft touch ... Turn back, so it was not a shame ...

Remove one arm she slowly, not to frighten ... Pat ... Calm: whisper something quiet and gentle .... just blow in your ear ... Gently grope, and slowly like a landmine, to neutralize this is now unnecessary her harness, first with one hand ... As if the soul exposed, not just become bare - quietly released ... slowly slowly, wear sleeve back ... How delightful when the magic happens to you, without your participation ... Now On the other hand, do not hurry up, we have been waiting longer: do not tremble not worry, I will not hurt you, because you will not deal falsely with myself:

And I do not offend disbelief: Now remove the sleeve from the other side ... But it just slips - quickly, as if by itself - well, correct it as no one bothers ...
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One night I called my friend Glory. Just he said he wanted to see me. We were not with Slava's really what friends. So, once perepihivalis. And we have not seen for a long time. So his call became a surprise for me, and I had a long cut one who calls me at all. We scored after 15 minutes, the arrow next to my house. Slavik was 33 years old. He was married a second time, and his wife was, like I'm 19 years old. He slept with her every day, and I do not understand what causes it to find all new lovers and periodically remove themselves prostitutes. He just was an inveterate whoremonger. I saw a lot of dogs in my lifetime, but such as is necessary to look more Slavik.

After the official greetings such as "how are you" and "how long time no see", we went to a secluded place near the house. Slavik Russell on the seat, I put on top. In his burning eyes, I realized that he really wants sex. He pulled me to him and kissed her. Though Slavik was a rough lover, he kissed it very gently and really cool! Hugging me with one hand, he undid his pants and pulled out already standing member.

- Linochka, come in her mouth! - He said in a voice that if I did not do it, he will die.

I took in the mouth Slavkina head and began to slowly move up - down, gradually swallowing dick deeper.

- Lin, please deeper, more, more! - Slavik began to lose control of himself. He put his hands on my head and pulled my head to him. I nearly choked and abruptly pulled away from him, to catch his breath. Then again I began to make him a blowjob, this time helping his hand. Slavik also did not sit on the ground, he moved toward me. With a cry of "all, I'm coming!" He released my mouth hot jet of sperm. I opened the door and spat out everything on the street. Slavik fairly laughed.

- I love it when girls in all holes give! - Said Slava.

- You made a mistake, I do not give in the ass!

- And I drunk rushing! - Slavik grabbed my chest and put me back on his lap.

- Oh, you whore! - He told me. At first I was offended.

- Well, which one is my whore? You probably did not see the whores!

- How is it I have not seen. Yes, I fuck them periodically, blowjob worth 200 rubles, it begins to suck, and I ask, they say how much more you throw, to lodge.

- And you hunt with prostitutes ABTS?

- I love the girls who give themselves without reserve. I love group sex, love corruption. - He has tightened his grip on my chest. - You little scum, you filth, scum, trash!

I start this start.

- You got a decent family? - Said Slava.

- Yes, my mother before the wedding the girl, all the cases.

- And you're not the same in you fight your upbringing and your essence. - With these words, he abruptly turned and put me on my knees. He took off my pants and started to get a job behind. I was scared.

- Slav, may not have to?

- Shut up, you bastard! I otymeyu where you want! Vile creature!

- Slav, stop!

- You whore! You can go anywhere to fuck! Shut up and do not vyёbyvaysya! Bitch!

How to me it gets! I was not at all hurt, I only spurs. Slava came to me in the ass. I felt a sharp pain and tried to pull away, but he held me.

- Ah, that hurts!

- Shut up, trash!

He began to move deeper. It was very painful, Slavka was a big dick. But when Slava called me the next offensive word, I forget him screaming.

- Slav, do not! No, go on, go on!

And he went on. Gradually, the pain began to add pleasure.

- I am well, thank, come on, come again!

- Shut up, scum! Oh, you filthy bastard! - Slava did not stop.

We finished at the same time. We lay down on the seat can not even move. Slava hugged me.

- The beauty of my, you're so cool, I love you!

- What is it with you? Five minutes ago you said completely different!

- Well, you liked it?

- Yes, I liked it, asshole, whore, stud, fucking Piedra !!!!!

We happily laughed and agreed on the next meeting.
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very excited, I did not give the report its actions, she cupped her head in his hands and began, as they say, to fuck her in the mouth. This went on for a long time, but the omissions were simply fabulous, gradually approaching orgasm, my penis was ready to burst, she took the hand of the eggs and began to lubricate its saliva flowing from the mouth. And then erupted. The head was deep in his throat, and when it happened, Masha almost choked by a huge sip hot genetics, she groaned heavily, and I just noticed that the second free hand, she rubbed her clit. I pressed his lips to her lips and tasted his own sperm. Masha wanted to catch his breath, and while we were resting, she told me about her previous sexual experience. From these conversations I again began erection, I lifted her legs and entered the side, would finish as quickly as possible, and her internal muscles were relaxed. I wanted it all, and not only rubbing genitals, I silently groped her rear opening, and introduced directly into the anal dick. She was hurt, but not asked to pull out. At that time, while I processed her ass, the second my hand was in her mohnatke that my girlfriend liked. We finished at the same time and immediately fell asleep.

After this incident, she even went hawking, and the house it was impossible to catch, so what - that time I was not a girl. Ole call I was afraid, I was sorry for her, because she did not deserve such treatment from her. How to - then I called my friend and asked Tema drink beer. I agreed, and we met in the subway. When I asked why we did not go anywhere, he said that he is waiting for his girlfriend. Strange, I thought, it is usually after a meeting with the girl a second time it does not occur. It was late, and I decided to call Lisa, who immediately agreed to join us. Finally, when everyone gathered, we went for a walk. I tried not to look in the direction of Temin girlfriend because her shalavsky appearance and demeanor, I was excited. She, too, all the time trying to talk to me, but I still did not know of its individual phrases. But she was one feature - all the time she went to the glasses that emphasize its individuality. When all come home, Kate took our phones and Lisa said that it was nice to talk to. The next day, I was shocked: in the morning she called me and offered to meet, but without Tema. I did not know what to say, I had to go to work, but after her persuasion, I changed my mind. Taking a Lisa, we went to the park where walking until evening. Katya was the stick in the open, putting my hand on her thigh. It was nice, and I still - still looked at her with ease. She took off her glasses and we look another in the eye. Her blue eyes were something attractive, and I decided not to procrastinate, kissing her on the lips. Lisa walked into the store, and I had freedom of action. Now Katina delights I could not only admire, without embarrassment, but also to touch and kiss them. Masha compared with that slut at all rested and the body required discharge. When Lisa came, we all went to her house and stayed there for the night. We Katya put on the very bed where we tumbled with Masha. I pretended that I wanted to sleep, to ensure that Kate was so tender there in the park because of the amount of alcohol consumed, or due to the fact that she really wants me. I saw that she was lying with her eyes closed, I thought he was asleep, turned away, but I could not sleep, all my thoughts are about a girl who lies on the left. I was resigned to the idea that power will have to shoot himself, but then she gently touched me, and then we tore each other's clothes, and finally I found myself inside the object of his dreams, and almost immediately had finished, I could not believe it. We went to the balcony to smoke, but also making it one thrust began to fondle each other. The desire to make love right there was on the balcony, but it was uncomfortable, and, stepping over the threshold, we fell to the floor. I put her cancer, and almost immediately came. Then she lay on her back, and so we were kissing for a long time, until he fell asleep.

Then, a few days later he showed up Masha, and we told each other about their "exploits". She became jealous, and we almost had a fight on this ground. While walking casually met Olga. It was like a stab to the heart, I felt like a complete jerk. Olya eyes welled with tears at the sight of how we Masha holding hands. I reassured her, and asked Masha leave us together, from which she was clearly not happy. When we were alone, we took the wine and sat down on the bench. I could not lie to her, and began to tell everything in order. I imagine what it was like she is listening, but I could not keep it to myself. After a stormy outburst of emotions, she hugged me, and said she still wants to be with me. I loved her very much, and so he said, I could never bear to see her in her honest eyes, and it was true. It is a long time I begged to stay with her, but I was not hard to say it, I was advised to find a man who will never cheated on her, she deserves more, and then I held it up to the house, and she firmly kissed me, both in the sunny day .. Since then I have not seen her again, just called her friend and asked if everything was okay at Oli, she said that like her better now, but she misses me very much. At one time I do not want to live after what I otmochite, but eventually got used to, we sometimes call up with Olga, and like she did not take offense. We can say, still friends, but only by phone is hard to atone for their errors .: Now I have found a girl that I love and we live with her. I will, naedyatsya that lesson has benefited.
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Sleep More ... one of my dreams. It was beautiful and interesting. And there is no one to tell him ... The wife does not understand, do not tell your friends ... In this and decided to write here ...

I call it "fellow traveler." I set out his own with little speculation, but would instantly associate sleep (dreaming because dreams are fragments ...).

Was my next business trip. I went alone and far away. It was a clear and warm weather ....

On the road, there was a girl and voted ... simpotichnyh, easy summer a la sports suit and small ryukzachёk. I always take popudchikov - fun to drive. I stopped ... it turned out - we are almost on the way ... I think that now people will sit down a couple more ... Girls are commonly used for hitchhiking ... it was that she was alone ....

Cheerful chirping. Funny, provocative golosochek. We quickly got to talking. We chat about everything and not bo ochem. It was fun ... It seemed as if we've known each other forever ... As a bud that grew up together. Brother and sister ;-) How then immediately arose an atmosphere of openness and trust.

On the way we stopped at a roadside kafeyushke. The path was coming a long time. While drinking tea and eating scones we talked cheerfully. Our laughter filled the entire space ...

Coming out of the cafe, I opened the door and let her in perёd. The rays of the setting sun passed its naskaz light suit and outlined the contours of her body. It was izyaschno, slim and beautiful ... Under the suit were only panties and shёrtiki topic ... I do not willingly admired her figure and grace.

It was a bright, warm and slightly muggy evening ... We drove on the bridge of the river. I always, when weather permitted, the time and had no travel bathed in the river. I told her about it. She immediately lit up and offered to come back and take a dip. I said that I have no bathing trunks, and you probably do not have a bathing suit with you. The answer was not compulsory and sounded natural ... It's almost dark, and we have no one sees - Buy naked.

We stopped at kupalki. Each razdivalsya its part. As I folded the bags and closed the car - it is already down to the water. Mother Nature and the truth and gave it Sozanov intelligence and beauty. I admired the grace of her waist movements and body lines ...

The water was fantastically heat, slow water flow nice body concerned. I like to swim naked - it's completely different oschyuscheniya. We splashed and laughed like children. The river was a large boulder - we with it dived into the water and tried to swim as far as possible under the water against the current. A couple of times we accidentally Kos each other. No shame, nor convenience, we have not experienced. Lightness, laughter, trust and openness ...

Slightly tired ... I said that last dive and go to the car to dry ... I first climbed on a boulder. Gave her hand and helped her to stand beside ... Our bodies soprikasnulis moment ... and our lips have merged in a gentle and passionate kiss ... A body merged into a tight embrace. We fully surrendered to each other ... In terms of us that does not exist ... There were just us and our desire to completely given moment and each other.

The kiss was endless ... A light breeze began to cool slightly ... We sat down on a boulder. It so happened that I was sitting on a stone on his shoulders in the warm and clear water, and it is on my feet ... Our kiss is not interrupted even for a moment. Our obyatiya not eased for a moment. Gentle kisses, light touch drove us crazy.

My friend was already there ... Water makes our bodies do not Visom. Our movements were light and tender. I do not know how many times we've already understood on the crest of a wave naslozhdenie and down, so the meat would rise even higher. I knew a little bit more and we blow up ... blow up millions of stars ... She heard my thoughts and felt my anxiety ... I realized that I was not the condom, we even thought about it. "Wait," - she said .... smoothly and gracefully turned her back to me and clung to my body ... She took me to the meat of ... But that's not been obyatiya pussy ... roses bud slowly opened and tightly hugged my boyfriend ... She pressed his whole body toward me, and we are the meat started to climb to the crest of the wave naslozhdeniya. My hands are firmly kept her slender strong body ... And palchiki left hand caressing her breasts and swollen. In the light of the moon healthy nipples stood out against the white marks are not tanned swimsuit ... My right lodoshka glided over the smooth skin of tubercle Venus ... Fingers touched and played with her pussy. I distinctly felt, how it responds to a gentle touch of my fingers to her lips and klitorchiku.

We were on the crest of the highest wave ... Our bodies were shaking ... We wanted to climb even higher, but our bodies broke down into the abyss of nothingness and oblivion ... Only her moan of pleasure subsided over the surface of the river, as my bestial roar announced the district. We were no where, and at the same time everywhere. We were not, but we were in the river on a large boulder .....

I woke up ... It was a dream ... A fabulous and beautiful dream ... I do not know if I happened to put into words, what I dreamed and what I felt ...

I know one thing - these girls are almost no or just have not met ..
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Tonight I wanted sex. It was a woman. I lay there, unable to sleep and think about it. But in my town to find a girl - a real problem, no clubs, no internet - dating. And all my girlfriends normal orientation. Well, do not come to me to the girls on the street! I have completely lost hope to meet a girl:

Me and my girlfriend came down the street. Towards us came an entire company of girls. My friend greeted with one of them - it was a girl with her stream. We all got acquainted, and received an offer to sit somewhere together. We sat in the tent, took them to eat and drink. For a while we sat and talked. Suddenly I saw myself in the gaze of one of the girls, she considered me from top to bottom. I looked at her, our eyes met. She averted her eyes, she smiled at me and pointed to his head out. I got up, and together we went out of the tent. She told me: "I've lived across the street Maybe, come to me, popem tea and the cold outside.!" I agreed. We went into the tent to take the bags and say goodbye to all. Girls looking at us, did not know where suddenly could leave the two girls, who have known each other for 5 minutes. But we did not pay attention to them. On the way to her house, I took up this girl. It was very similar to Nastya Glushchenko of the House-2. Similar features, streaked hair. And her name was the same - Nastya. Only she was taller growth, and lose weight. When she had opened the door key, I suddenly became agitated. Why is she called me home? Maybe she's the sex and does not want to? No, it would be better not want to, I do not know her at all! Nastia opened the door and we went inside. She invited me into the kitchen and pulled out a freshly baked cake.

- I really love to bake. I, sometimes, at 8 cakes per day bake!

- And what to do next? Are all eaten up?

- She can eat 3 pieces, one parent, the other hand out to friends and neighbors for free. Sometimes you have to throw away.

- Why are you so pechёsh if then throw away?

- You know, I just love the oven very strong! I like the process. And then what will happen to them - I do not care.

"The original girl" - I thought.

- Come to my room - said Nastya.

We got up from the table and went into the bedroom. Nastya got a bottle of wine.

- Will you?

- Pour!

She poured wine into wine glasses and brought a plate of charlotte. We drank, ate and chatted. When the wine ran out, I felt well-fed and drunk, and lay down on the sofa. Nastya lay down.

- Have you ever been having sex with a girl? - She asked.

- Yes, - I replied.

It was a signal for her to action. She kissed me. Kissing it's not like I love, but her kiss was tender and passionate. Without taking his lips, Anastasia took off my jeans, sank to my stomach and began to caress me with his tongue. She obviously did not do it the first time. It is the tip of his tongue caressed the clitoris, then kissed my lips, then penetrated deep into the tongue.

When I was wound up to the limit, she took from somewhere dildo. I have seen such things only on TV, and those Mboli never used them. I looked at him wide-eyed.

- What is it big!

- Do not be afraid! I'm going to do everything very carefully. You will not hurt, it will be very good! - And with these words she began to enter it in me. She really did it very carefully. One of her hand held member, the other she reached for my chest, and she tongue continued to caress my clitoris. Those were the feelings! No man could never do!

Firstly, none of the men can not simultaneously enter into me and caress the tongue. Second, the rubber member was like a real, and Nastya ran it so skillfully as any man does not control his! I do not remember what happened next. I just fainted. When I woke up, I opened my eyes, looked at the unfamiliar ceiling, but have never understood where I am. It should be smiling Nastya sat me.

- You good?

- Not a word, good! Just awesome! I from myself did not expect!

- Are you rested? Now it's my turn! - Nastya already burning with impatience. She lay down beside him. She was completely naked, I do not even remember when she undressed. I decided not to start as fast as it is. First I kissed her on the lips, then in the neck, held on the tongue lug. Then I went down to her breasts, caressing one nipple with his lips, his other hand, and vice versa. Then I lick her schelochku, it was all wet. I took a member and began to gently introduce it.

- Linochka, sun, deeper, please! More deeper! Yes, that's it, I feel so good!

I accelerated the movement.

- Tongue caressed my tongue:

I began to caress her. Nastya all writhing under me and moaned loudly. It is ending with it quickly and strongly. A few minutes later we were lying and resting.

- I want more! - Nastya said.

- I also!

We settled down in a pose 69. We've had a lot of time:

When I was going home, Nastya gave me 2 cake and recorded all my phones. We agreed to meet again. I walked out of her apartment happy - finally my dream came true - I met a girl! And we will meet! Full of happy thoughts, I went down the stairs: awake! I do not believe that it was a dream. But it was just a dream, no Nastia was not. When I woke up, my Nastya disappeared forever. The only thing that's left - is thoroughly wet panties. At first I was upset, but then I thought - what if we meet in reality?
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When I entered her, she moaned loudly and almost immediately had finished several times. Her vagina was narrow, it was clear that she was doing such things rare, and I felt specially chosen for copulation. In the meantime, I started to grab the second wave of orgasm, and I, not to finish it quickly moved in to her face and a thick stream of sperm hit the girl in the face, causing cosmetics start to blur. Olga pulled from her purse a handkerchief, wiped her face and took me by the hand and said: - Come here, until we were caught. And by the way, at the time said, as soon as we left, about ten meters from us walked a policeman. Then we embraced and firmly holding hands, went for a walk on the Boulevard Ring. About sex do not say a word, as if nothing had happened. She laughed all the time and eat ice cream. From the side, it has remained the same kind and neporchnoy and obliterated from the face of cosmetics, it began to look more attractive. - I love you, she said, and kissed me so passionately, like the first time. Then I thought that no one but she could not love, but it was not there: After two hours, we accidentally met his friends, who offered them a drink of port wine. I want, I want, said Olga, and we agreed, then went on to drunk to walk, and she came up to us with a view to shoot a cigarette. I gave her and a cigarette and a lighter, suddenly began to talk to her. Then it turned out that she knows, too, our friends, and we're back to them. There we met with her, it turned out that her name is Mary. I immediately thought that virgins averse to fuck. Olga asked to hold her, I held her to the subway and said that he will not go back, and go home on foot.

I do not know why I lied to this creation, I myself was shocked by his action. Kiss, we agreed to meet the next day. But here's something that Masha did not give me rest and I came back. Masha immediately sat down next to me. We talked, so along the way, she said that she liked my hair and scooted closer. As is more perceived than not as a hint.

I tried to wipe out, to say that I love Olga, but her mood was visibly clear. People began to slowly disperse, until we were alone. And then it dawned on me: because at home I do not have one, and the subway will soon close, why not invite her to his home? Slightly pulling time and waiting for the closure of the subway, I told her that what she readily agreed and, coming up to me, kissed me on the lips, which I could not respond in kind. It was dark outside, but warm, and there was no one in the yard. We went to the old football field, and she put her hand under my shirt. The idea that I'm such a brazen manner, can change your girlfriend, which only recently had sex for the first time, opened me even more than in the morning. If I started to hesitate, it would seem tormazit, so I without any hesitation stretched wide by her jeans and put his hand into her panties. She was all wet. We lay on the ground and began to copulate. Her mohnatka was not the same as that of Parliament, it was not narrow, respectively, it is not difficult to guess that Masha likes to do a variety of sex. She moaned as Olga, and perceived that it fucks stranger for granted.

- I like to lie down and look up at the sky at a time when I have someone fuck, that would be more open and beer, she said, for the bank tyanyas Nevsky classic, which lay in her bag.

Meanwhile, I was on it, to work hard in anticipation of ejaculation. So it was nice to have sex with a horny girl, which is important not even the processes that use, and the image that it currently did. All this did not fit in my head, I wanted to fuck her in all holes, I imagined that, despite its indifferent face. She felt the approach of orgasm, and said that it would be nice if I finished it. Then came an orgasm, which paralyzed my body, the sperm was in full swing right into the body of virgins. I just fell on it from an overabundance of emotion, but then suddenly began to moan and told me to continue, and now it is starting on - really like. Next it was interesting: she began to moan, sometimes even going to scream and scratch my back. She pulled me to her and started to kiss hungrily, uttering seductive sounds to the beat produced by vibrations. I imagined how many guys fucked her, and this excitement again began to rise, rolling waves throughout the body. I heard footsteps, to us someone was approaching. - Do not stop, please - said through the groans of my new girlfriend. I quickened my pace, and the man who was coming to us, has become clearly visible.

It turned out, some drunk guy was walking cast. He decided to come to us, but my partner is excited so that it immediately came, and I imagined that it takes this type of mouth, shot her a second portion of red-hot sperm. After that, I was still ten minutes did not take out a member of her and kissed her while she tense and relax your vagina, until the end of the second time. Then we went to my house and went to sleep. In the middle of the night I woke up to think about his actions, and hung up to Olya did not call. Mary was asleep, it was clearly seen her body in the moonlight. I masturbate to it, splashing with her chest and abdomen. She did not wake up. The next day we took together, and again about what we are doing, not a word was said. In the evening she went to what - what my friend and I went home to sleep.

She rang me a few days later and offered to meet. We met in the subway, and it do not hesitate began to tell how she slept with her boyfriend, which went after me. The reason for the jealousy I felt, but only took her "walk" in a park on the waterfront. There we drew off enough, the next day did the same with her my friend in the kitchen, and he saw it, with moaning, she began whenever I'm in it I go, and what she had gone "left" does not interest me few. Once we walked with my friend Lisa, and has been with us Masha, mainly drinking beer the whole walk.

After that we went to Lisa home and sleep it put us with Masha, who said that she was drunk, and I can take advantage of it. She climbed on top, sending a member to his mohnatku and began to sway, it has not yet received an orgasm. I dropped her off his, turned on his back, knelt in front of her face and told her to get into his mouth, she dutifully grabbed a member of the lips and fingertips gently start to masturbate. I decided that it can last for a long time and started to make the pelvis forward and backward movement.
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Here's a very real story. That's why there will not be abundant outpouring of sperm on the face of the Lady of ten times a night and procheё lobudy like that, but it will be a description of the first experience of anal sex with hot Armenian girl.


That year I finished university and met a very nice girl, an Armenian by nationality. Since it was interesting to talk to, she studied in the fifth year of our university. Her name was Rita. It was in every respect an interesting girl. In Russian speak Russian better than many. Well, it looks very, very noticeable. Firstly burning brunette! Wavy hair below the shoulders. Big eyes and a small hump on the nose, that it does not spoil. And no peculiar to women of ethnic facial hair! Growth, it was average, with a regular shape legs and quite seductive ass. But Rita was really outstanding, so it's chest. Rounded hemisphere full third dimension, not elastic hanging down, watching the brown juices with large halos slightly to the side. Perfect form, perfect size! I met her breasts a week after I started uhlёstyvat her and was captivated. Later I never got tired of playing with it, and eventually I persuaded her to let the same thrust member between these wonderful hemispheres and let me finish. But then, I will tell in order.

The period of courtship lasted a week. I mean romantic kisses without transition to the strip and so on. I'm not in a hurry to be honest not sure whether I will break off all sex, given that a girl from a respectable family, and orders them strict. Pleased only that she lives in the dorm, though shares a room with his cousin. However, a week later we were half-naked on her bed in a hostel. My sister was still in the classroom, and I think that now is, and find out how passionate oriental girl, when she said: ". I can not not be before the wedding." That's the case! I thought for a moment what to do. Fuck like crazy, besides she has got me detski not allowing myself to undress to the waist and fall greedily to the coveted chest, which I carefully caressed her hands and tongue just before its application. Member stood stake. Her nipples, too, though, with excitement, they increased significantly and represented a stunner! Refusing intentions did not want to and I honestly say that I can not without sex, but also do not intend to get married, but platonic relationship does not suit me so I better just go. In my honest. She apparently thought so, too. Situation has created a stalemate. As time went. Soon it could come to a neighbor. We lay senseless on the narrow bed. Then I came up with a pretty funny idea, if not an extreme degree of excitement on both sides, and we had the time to help each other hand, I would hardly sounded in her very first time. I put his hand under her skin-tight pants and just did feel the heat emanating from her pussy and thrusting his fingers under the panties, fishnet, I played with her clit and making her breathing very heavily spent finger on the lips, and realized that it just ends. And me and she wanted to penetrate, but lose their virginity she did not want! Then I just offered to do it "differently". "I was waiting for you to offer it," she whispered, turning over and lying down on your stomach. Given the possibility of the arrival of a neighbor with his key, we had to cover himself with a blanket. On the nightstand beside the bed was a hand cream to them and then I took it. I scooped up a handful of white thick cream and lowered his hand between the halves of her round ass began to fix in his tight anal ring. "Oh cool!" she whispered playfully. I continued to stroke her fingers "back door" while his borer is the average index finger. She seems to like it, she began to give away her ass up if already wanted me to enter into it soon. "Come on do not pull" Finally she moaned when I finished preparing the area for action put his hand between her legs and lightly pressed his palm sex lips and clitoris. It was all very, very humid. I had to beg for a long time is not necessary. I moved up and lay down on it from above while continuing to slip under her hand to caress the clitoris, she was ready to finish just doing this, but I was determined to try first in my life anal sex! With his left hand resting on the bed, I brushed cream over the penis (and really cool) and Me-head entrance tried to break stride. It was not there, I slipped and when I tried almost not moved again. It was awesome tight !!! "What are you? Come on!" hurried panting fury. I without hesitation grabbed a member of the palm of his right hand, put it quite simply and began to push and hand and body. I will never forget this feeling first penetration into the anus. As if something is moved apart and gives in under the pressure of your member. It seems that dissolves the head entrance to paradise and want to rush ahead and go, but here I was slightly cooled Lady groan that at this moment prayed, "Wait a little bit, now is not so fast to me very painful, baby!" I froze but only for a moment. I moved very close and wanted more and more, while I am on some millimeters leaned back, and then again in depth and now a little further! She moaned, and I repeated his motion again. A little back and forth again. She cried out but I was not there to stop, I began to swing over it, with every movement plunging ever deeper. She moaned under me is not only the pain but also with pleasure! After a few seconds I realized that I was covered in it! I stopped for a second and she immediately gasped with head: "Do not stop, darling please I almost!" Then again, I put the vacated right hand under her thigh and began strongly to rub her clitoris with his left hand, I began to torment her breasts squeezing the one another tense nipples, I moved all of his weight on her body and at the same time has become now a drive member in her stretched anus! Again and again! I slapped his thighs on her ass furiously rubbed her clitoris with his right hand and the left crushed chest, accelerated the pace of everything, she no longer moaned and howled with delight, and at that moment I felt that is about to finish. I groaned, "Come on baby, let's do it together!" In response, it was only the final cry! I continued at a furious pace to drive in her damp thighs buttocks, he felt for me like a wave passes orgasm! The eruption in the confined space was simply incomparable she cried again, and I pressed the all sixteen centimeters in her ass and was still gripping her arms.

We lay there a little more, she asked me not to go out at once, she liked the feeling of fullness. It took a minute or two and then I felt a little limp dick hardens again and asks actions. "Oh! Who wants more?" she whispered playfully, apparently feeling he stiffened. "Come again!" I did not refuse. First, a bit randomly I played straining cock and listening to how she shudders every time surprise when I do it. I liked it's awful! Then I began to move again. Now it was easier and more enjoyable for it, no discomfort, only to enjoy sex. I have for some time moved slowly caressing her body, kissing her neck, biting the ear causing her to moan. She was still lying on my stomach, I was on top. She suddenly said, "Let's change the pose" Beware not removing a member from her ass, we got up so that she rested her hands on the wall, on his knees, and I was behind and could hand stroking her breasts and clitoris and move quite freely. For a long time my patience was not enough and I again began to move faster and faster but do not forget about the Lady! I szhivaetsya and twisted her nipples, then bowed his chest entirely, pressed his fingers and rubbed her clit. From the fast pace we have moved forward and I am now virtually presses her against the wall veiled carpet. The pace accelerated everything, I was breathing hard, and she moaned, I was once again slowly but she moaned, "Neet, faster baby soon!" I began to move like a steam hammer, a member was a member of her completely, and she still whispered, "Deeper, cute, deeper!" And I just had to press in her buttocks, pressing her against the wall. The next orgasm was not long in coming. We finished again almost simultaneously announcing obschazhny block my moans and cries of its own, by which I simply mad threw new charge plentiful sperm into her anus! It was divine! When I finally left her ass out poured semen, and she stretched languidly: "Baby I like to count driven, but it was just great!"

Here and so I passed the first experience of anal sex. Without a condom, but I was confident in it as confidence. Two days later we went to visit my friends with an overnight stay. As my cock knew where her sweet lips and tongue greedy and we fell off the couch trying new poses anal sex, I probably will write later.
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I felt that I slowly peel melting, jerking and dropping his hands to read magazines, saw the light that quietly continued pulling off trunks, looking me in the eye and quietly laughing:

A couple of weeks ago happened to me ... I do not know how to call it ... Violation of the rules. My name is Alexander, I'm 21 years old. My sister - she asks, who is older than me for 3 years, my mother, my father and I live in a three-room small apartment, due to which a small area, by the way, we are always "face their heads." So, a couple weeks ago, I returned home from uni earlier than planned - canceled the last two couples and found Svetku for interesting occupation. I did not understand immediately what was going on in her room until he looked at her. She asks excitedly masturbated !! Y-yes .. I quarreled with my girl, have sex I was not already a week. Despite the fact that she's my sister, kind of okay girl, engaged in such a case, he initiated me, frankly, very aroused. Only this can explain my future behavior. I entered the room. She asks, noticing me, of course, I was embarrassed and tried to pull the blanket sofa on which, in fact, happened, "action" ..

- Light, and that you close, then? I propose to satisfy our desire.

- Are you crazy?

- Come on, you, many are engaged in the family. Come on? Who knows that? We have fun. - Speaking, I undressed. And I noticed that sister looks at me as a woman to a man desired. Therefore, the more I did not waste time, and approached her, knocked on the sofa, quickly took off his clothes and remnants: Immerse yourself in the bosom of Amy. The first moment it happened, from my point of view, as usual I have with the girls going on, but then came the realization that I have sex with my sister ..

And I took off to the peak of pleasure, and burst into a fountain. Everything happened very quickly ..

I realized that in the eyes sister .. She did not get, unlike me, satisfaction ..

And then I felt ashamed. It is a shame that seduced his sister is a shame that yielded "Dumas head lower."

At breakneck speed, I ran out of her room and locked himself in the bathroom:

And now, in the country in the arbor of vines of grapes, I lay on the mattress, subjected to seduction by the sisters. These two weeks, I have tried to communicate less with his sister. For obvious reasons. And suddenly, she acts as if I had - her boyfriend! And somewhere nearby, by the way, with his mother's father.

- Sanya, let's try more? I want you. - She whispered.

- Sveta, I myself and feel so rotten, and you want to repeat ?!

- At this time everything will be different.

Forces deny I did not have my cock already reared up and demanded, demanded ...

At his sister was an easy dress, under which, as it turned out, no panties!

Sister quickly turned back to me, and sat down at me lying. And immediately I felt inside her. He flashed the thought: "I would not finish before the time." But then he was gone. I realized that my sister more experienced when it became the swing and stopped just in time, that would not let me finish. It was a sweet torture. After a while, it's hard to say what my body inside the sisters felt spasmodic contraction ... Light cum ... To my surprise, after the cuts, she continued swinging. She managed to finish two more times before I heard, I thought someone nearby, tried to escape from the embrace of the sisters, but she stronger squeezing my knees, hips, and gently squeezing the scrotum, increased the tempo. And then the torture was over. Ended bliss:

I think it will be difficult to give up the "dialogue" with his sister, if I can not find a girlfriend or sister, she does not want to give up.

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