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If you dear readers will recall, on my 15th birthday, I lost her virginity and became available to boys in all three holes. His birthday I celebrated in the country in the company of his brother and his three friends. All this is described in the same story, which I recommend reading to people who are not familiar with my work.
The next morning was a nightmare. I woke up from the unbearable pain in the ass. He is opening his eyes, about twenty minutes trying to recover. I remember what I did that night. More precisely, it did to me. All attempts to recreate the picture of events were unsuccessful. In memory imprinted uninterrupted Fucking and alcohol. I drink a little. But that day the brother watered my glory. I do not know why he did it. Maybe that I felt less pain. I soon realized that the cause of a terrible pain in the ass. It was a man's penis. Whose - I did not know, he had no strength to turn and look. Perhaps a member of the holder fucked me in the ass last night and went to sleep. And now, after a few hours, a member stood up, regardless of the owner desires. I gently took his hand from the base and gradually moving away from him, put him out of his suffering popochki. It became a little easier. I tried to open my mouth to breathe fresh air. To make plans, I had to make an effort: my lips stuck together with dried semen. Obviously, I was sleeping or unconscious state and ended fucked my face. And I do not remember.
I licked my lips, walking up to the crust that formed sperm. In total I spent about an hour. Finally I realized that I want to drink. I found the strength, got out of bed and went to the table, on which stood a treasured bottle of mineral water. However, to get to the table and I could not, because felt a strong tug back and with all his might, turned over in the air, I fell chest on the cold floor. I screamed in pain. For a moment I thought I woke up one of the guys. But why do I fall? Only now, wiping her tits sex, I realized that my throat tighten collar chained to it a chain, which is attached to the leg of the bed. I groaned and got up on all fours and crawled to the table.
- Where are you, bitch - I heard the voice.
My fall has not gone unnoticed, and was awakened by a friend of his brother.
- Blame decided? No wonder Andryukha you to put a chain. Who knows, bitch, your goddamned nature. I decided to fuck? A pussy kid who will substitute?
So a collar and chain, I was obliged to Andrew. As I remember, though I do not know how, that I fell asleep without chain.
The guy in the meantime jerk jumped out of bed and drove his standing member in my pussy-suffering, which yesterday lost its innocence and that yesterday so cruelly otebal several times everyone in the room. Forces no longer had to hold and I burst into tears ... ...
- I beg you, - I whispered through her tears, - stop, I can not stand this crazy pain. You just fucked me yesterday. Well really enough for you. I am not able to bear it. I'm willing to suck you all day, but I beg you, do not touch my holes.
- Shut up, bitch juvenile, your brother said you can to fuck how, when, where and how much we want to. Understand, vaflistka?
I was silent. And what could I say? The brother gave me to violence for the fun of your friends. All that came before it, it seemed to me a fairy tale. I agreed to his fate, just lay your head on the floor, exposing holes guy patiently waited for him to finish. Fucking me, he continually commented on my body. He insulted me last words. He turned me on so unceremoniously that I really began to think that I am an ordinary yard whore. What is my destiny - to give to men. And I can not have an opinion or their feelings. I just cried, putting him her pussy.
Twenty minutes later, fucked, I already got used to the piston that is in me. The tears stopped flowing from my eyes. Those that managed to roll down my cheeks, softened dried semen. And now it floated over my face down. Something dripped on the floor. What do I have time to collect the language and send it into his mouth. All the same, I would like sperm. I secretly hoped that I soon will feed from members who fucked me, but I was wrong. The guy came inside. With the power of clenching my buttocks, he introduced me to a member of the most eggs and uttering savage growl began spewing his seed into me ...
This bestial growl best displays his inner self. Who, if not the animals, there was this guy raped the helpless girl? How powerfully and firmly he held my hips, finishing inside. That's what comes naturally males, who finally Dorval to females. This guy was the epitome of the wild beast. His roar of his fingers on my ass meant only one thing: "Look all I fucked this bitch. She is now mine. "I do not know if I was him. But I knew one thing for sure. Myself, I did not belong. I'm a whore, female calf. Which creates only in order to meet the strong male.
From its roar woke up the rest of the participants of yesterday's orgy. The first spoke up Andrew.
- Hammer, dude. Already fucked a bitch. Now we join.
- Yes, it woke me up. I was going to go somewhere. But apparently not noticed you, Andrei, bitch yesterday wearing a collar. That fell to the floor.
belt Brother slapped my chest. I screamed in pain.
- Where are you going, bitch?
- I wanted to drink.
- Drink? Do not you know that the urine - the best way to pay off thirst. Come on, I went into the bathroom, bitch.
I did not move. Then the two guys take me by the hand and, in spite of my prayers and tears, dragged me into the bathroom. I dipped into the bath, and forced to kneel. Open for wider mouth.
- Well, the guys at a time or all together?
- In turn, - I said one of my tormentors - so it no longer drink.
- You are right, - I have agreed to my brother.
The first sausage entered my mouth. It was ordered to close his lips tightly around the penis and swallow without ceasing. I pressed her lips together and waited. After a couple of seconds, he poured urine into my mouth. Man defecated strong pressure, not limiting themselves. I did a quick swallowing, choking, but I tried to drink it all. I was afraid of punishment and decided that it's better I get drunk urine than I would then for failing to beat their will. In turn, all three guy poured out my mouth. Each Ssali long. For four minutes. Apparently it affected a large number of sex and infrequent visits to the toilet the day before. Fifteen minutes later I was sitting in the bathtub in her lap, drinking urine of my tormentors. There was only one brother. Critically examined me, he said:
- Yes, it all face over, it would be necessary to wash.
And, without hesitation, he sent a stream of sperm into my face. Wet hair, breasts, body. Laughing boys left the bathroom, giving me half an hour so I brought myself up. Fortunately, it was everything you need in the bathroom. Washing under warm shower jets, I paid special attention to my long-suffering hole. Which today, obviously, much more will have to endure. Thanks to the efforts they have acquired my human form. I laundered them from the traces of sperm and blood that somewhere else could see, after yesterday's orgy. After graduating with a shower, I dried her hair. Gently brushed them. Bright has made up and looked at herself in the mirror.
"Good" - I thought - "this to fuck and to fuck."
Having made the final touches to the make-up I went to the guys.
They greeted me with joyful applause.
By order of the brother I immediately knelt down and began to suck the members in turn. While I led their members in full readiness for sex, the boys took counsel how best to fuck me. After a five-minute discussion came to the conclusion that there will be to fuck me at the same time in four: one in the pussy, one in the ass, and the two will give to me on the mouth.
- Come on, Dasha, is lowered by a pussy to cock, - my brother said, ulegshis on the floor. His cock proudly looking up. In his desire to fuck my sister ... I never had doubts.
- Face me, - said the brother.
I nodded, indicating that she understood everything and hurried to obey orders. And now the head of the penis, buried in soft labia, under slight pressure of my body slipped inside me. For the first time in recent years, I sighed, completely down on a member.
- There is a contact, - said one of the boys.
- A bitch wants - echoed another.
Brother pulled me to him, and his hands spread my buttocks, inviting enter one of the guys. Member did not take long, and soon I was on sazhena to two members. Still unfamiliar sensation, but pleasant for me. Other members have buried me on the lips. I did not hesitate to open her mouth and greedily lick both heads.
And Fucking started ...
But now I have not received any discomfort from it. I liked everything. However, the holes slightly hurt, but it was necessary to suffer for the sake of the pleasure that gave me a member. I rode two steeds, like the last bitch. Moaning, writhing, sucked member is matched to my mouth and moaned again. I was unbearably happy that I fuck all four.
attitude changed soon. I was laid on its side on the floor. Brother came to me in the ass, in a businesslike from behind tightly clenched my tits. I screamed. So much so, he firmly squeezed my breasts. But he did not pay attention to it. One of the guys that I had sucked, drove the cock in my pussy. The other two fell in my mouth.
Fucking continued ...
In this time I have not had the opportunity to ride on the members. I lay still, and I fucked like a doll. The only thing that I could, and gladly did, sucking two members is matched to my mouth.
Soon posture changed again. The guy who during this orgy of all time was in my mouth, and lay down on the floor and I turned back to him, sat on his ass dick. Another drove a stake into my girl. My brother and his friend placed a third member to my lips. Again, I am actively podmahivala guys trying planted on deeper.
However, it was very good to be an eternity. Soon the guys were ready to stop. Putting me on my knees, and forming a circle above me, all sent their members on my face. A minute later, four powerful flow of sperm was removed at me. First, by making two shots in my mouth, reduced the pressure power and the rest of the semen spilled on the neck and chin. The second, who was behind me, watered sperm my hair. The other two being on each side, had shot me in the cheeks and eyes. In conclusion, the brother took a couple of pictures of my face covered with sperm. I collected the semen and sent it into his mouth. I felt happy. Three friends thanked his brother and left. I thought that would be the end, but I was wrong. As soon as they left, my brother picked up the phone ...
- Hello, Kolya. I Learned? You know about my favor to you? Ready to pay. Take it with four guys and ed me to the cottage. We are waiting for you.
I realized. What's on this day is not over. And soon will fuck me fresh five members.
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I have long been spotted this girl. What she had breasts, waist, legs, and what an ass! And natural blonde on top of that.
M-uh! But she was naturalka, married and had two girls with twins. In my instigation, the time of her friends tried rolled up to her, but got turned down. Well, it is impossible to hook or by crook take. She worked the store manager.
I specifically chose the cold, wet and windy day when people are not hanging around on the streets and sitting at home. Before the closure was somewhere half an hour, when I came in, he closed the valve and turned the sign to "Closed". Then I went ahead and leisurely walked along the shelves. My blonde, smiling, hastened to meet me with the words:
- Young man, can I help you?
I really cut short, almost shaved, I was wearing a leather jacket, trousers, so no wonder it was confused. I smiled back at her:
- Of course! - And I hit.
The blonde came off and fell stunned. Wasting no time, I jumped her, turned on his stomach, and wrung her hands tied behind her back, pre-cooked rope. When my love came to herself and opened her mouth, I immediately put the ball on a string and tied at the back. Then she lifted her by the hair and dragged her to the warehouse, do not forget to turn off the light on the trading floor. There I put my love on his stomach on the table, and his feet tied to the legs.
Raising her skirt, I tore her panties and laughing like hell, took the ball, blonde stuffed in her mouth and put the ball in place. And then I began to lick her pussy. Then the blonde huddled in orgasm. It seems that it has initiated its nastolko that lacked little push, so that it exploded. Well, so much the better. To begin, I interjected anal dilator in the ass, and pulled the ball remains cowards and ordered to lick. But the blonde turned her muzzle. Well, she asked for it. I am happy and slapped a few slap repeated orders. With tears in the eyes of the blonde went to work, I cheered blows of my whip. After a couple of orgasms, I set to work. Two and a half hours I pecked her in the pussy and ass, occasionally pausing to otdyh until both were exhausted. Deciding to finally finish today, I got a couple of bills and stuffed in pussy blonde. Then he kissed my blonde and whispered in your ear:
- See you soon, my darling! A pant no longer wear!
Once again, kissing, I untied her hands and left.
This I have not yet experienced. Well, a man to be raped many women so worried, but the woman being raped! To say - no life will not believe! And find out - will poke fingers: "This is the one that fucked a woman!" Shame no end. So it is better to be silent in a rag.
On the other side of me that no one has ever fucked. And me- it was enough men, but they are all compared to this lass - greensickness. The man went - only about themselves and think. I do not know, maybe I just came across these, but the satisfaction I received not often. And this evening I will not soon forget.
With difficulty untied, raskoryachku I went to the car, so it was grated between his legs. Her husband, absorbed in their own problems, as usual, I was not paying attention much. He muttered: "How are you my dear", kissed on the cheek and again banged on the keyboard. It's for the best. I looked like a girl, praised the nurse, making a couple of frivolous remarks. Probably, I was affected by the recent incident, but the first time I looked at the nurse as a sexual object. A thin, slender, flexible, cute, about 20 years old - studentka- zaochnitsa. But then the fantasy is not gone yet.
All night I could not sleep, everything overcame sexual fantasies in which the protagonist certainly was the same girl nasilnitsa. In the morning, after washing and drinking coffee, I went to work. Usually, I arrive at the frequency a half earlier, to examine everything and to outline what should be done, and so on. At that time I also arrived a half hour before the opening. As soon as I opened the door, from somewhere behind nasilnitsa he appeared yesterday and grabbed by the hair, dragged him into my office. No screaming, no I did not resist: but us, no one else would, and resistance seemed impossible.
Kick thrown me into his office, locked the door and nasilnitsa turned to me, unbuttoning the coat, under which I saw a hefty black dildo. She showed me to the floor, and I understood it correctly, dropped to her knees and opened her mouth, where the girl immediately put dildo. Sucking dildo, I kept thinking how this black monster will go down in me, no pussy or ass are not designed for this giant. But the lass I did not say anything. First, it is my opinion it is clearly not interested, and secondly, and his mouth was busy. Meanwhile, unbuttoned my blouse and on sdrnuv bra, she began stroking, kneading and chips breasts and nipples. This unusual caress me very excited, until this one much the breasts are not interested. I novym zeal began to suck and lick dildo. The girl smiled and patted me on the head.
Finally, deciding that suck enough, the girl took this thing and pointed to the table. I got up and went votom The residents, like last time. But she shook her head again and pointed to the table, accompanied by a slap on the ass. Then I threw off his shoes, climbed on the table, pushing a part, frequently dropped the paper, and got on all fours. The girl, too, climbed on me and lifted her skirt. Before that it was a question in silence, but then she said:
- Oh shit! I told you to not cowards dressed! Do you dare to violate my order! I'll kazhu eg but a bit later.
At the moment, panties were ripped off and stuffed in my mouth and pussy hefty dildo stuck. Contrary to my fears, all was well, seen yesterday's sessions benefited from. The table shook as if in an earthquake, my nasilnitsa fucked me like an automaton. Finally, I felt that I was covering a wave of warm and huddled in orgasm.
I thought that's it, but the girls had their own plans. Giving me to lick a strap, she sat me down on the edge of the table, put his feet on my shoulders and with one blow came in my ass, goading with my breasts. If not for cowards in my mouth, I would have shouted in all throat. Orgasm came out more powerful and longer. And when I came to, nasilnitsa showed me the pictures, I reclined in the ass sticks dildo mouth pants, hair disheveled, unbuttoned blouse, skirt Zadran on mordahe bliss idiot ... Fuck in all its glory.
- How do you like it? - I laughed lass. - And now zaymmsya punishment. I think it will be a great lesson that my orders are required to perform. On all fours, bitch!
I quickly complied with the order. would strappon! L is removed and placed in my mouth, I began to suck. And my ass was something tucked thick. Then strap he coiled around the hips and snapped the clasp. The girl took a pro- I strappon, patted on the cheek and walked away, leaving a farewell:
- See you!
I looked in the mirror. I was an anal plug and strap buckled on the clasp.
The blonde was surprisingly good educability. It seems that she likes sex and obey. Well, let's see how it will perceive a supplement to sex.
I do not know how my blondie today drove up to the house. That anal dilator, I put it, has two features. If it is immersed is very strong, the sharp edges begin to cut into the back, causing severe pain. And he has a projection which abuts against the seat and makes the sink in the ass. In a word, the blonde had to spend a whole day on their feet.
It was funny to watch her, leaving the car in the parking lot, a bullet flew out, holding his ass. And walked home, with an expression of complete despair. And you should have seen her joy code I met her at the door. Without saying a word, I grabbed the blonde by the arm and dragged him behind the garage. There I lifted her skirt and took extender. What a joyful relief, she sat down to shit! Having waited until the blonde recover, I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into an alley, so ... and not having to fax skirt, past the stunned by such a spectacle teenagers. However, it was necessary to go only a hundred meters away, a van parked there. Zashvyrnuv blonde inside, I ordered:
- Take off your clothes!
But the blonde missed a deaf ear to the order, with surprise considering the interior of the car. There were no windows, was the only seat, hung from the ceiling are any chain. I had a good Knock, that woke up, and repeat orders. She correctly understood the order to undress, and after a couple of minutes was naked. I held the blonde red corset:
- Now you will wear it. The money is there, buy more of the same. Che look? Dress up! - The woman barely sumela fasten a corset, and then with my help. - Have a cow! - I slapped her ass, making her squeal. - Next, forget about pantyhose. You will wear stockings, the dress is, then buy more. - I threw her a pair of stockings. Dress up!
The blonde pulled the stockings. Shit, a sexy slut, I have not seen! I wanted to tear off her immediately, here and now !! But I kept the desire. Soon I will have as many as I want.
- Now listen to the task. Seduce his nanny. Young mare she should succumb quickly.
- And if ... - squeaked my blonde.
- And if you do not, you will be punished! - I interrupted her. - I left a lot of stuff, like the one expander. You want to try? - The blonde shook her head. - So get dressed and go to perform, blyadina!
I gave her a slap in the face. With a sob, she began to dress.
- Stop! - Taking the bug, I hooked it to the corset. - Bear in mind, now I'll know you fulfill the order or not. You better try, baby ...
When the blonde ran away, I moved the car to the parking lot and turned on the recording equipment. Ranging should be enough. And sure enough - it was well heard the blonde talking with her husband, caressing children, he makes a remark to the nurse. Listen, I was not going to her all night - in the morning know, she has fulfilled my orders or not. Peres bike, I went to our lesbian club revel.
Early in the morning I was already in the car and listen to the recording. The blonde tried. She spent almost two hours ulamyvaya nurse, but vsyo still put the squeeze. And they continued their midnight revels. Interception I did in the car, not enough sleep, but happy.
- Good for you, baby! - I pinched her cheek for. - You deserve a reward. Call in and tell me what you got sick and now not coming.
- But ... - she tried to protest.
- Call me, bitch! - I slapped a slap.
With trembling hands, my blondie took the phone and called his assistant manager.
- Excellent - I nodded. - And now the punishment for the objection. Take off your robe, and will pass out to the black van.
Whatever! Strangely enough, this order blonde listened, it seemed to me, even with relief. Is she used to undress in public?
Anal dilator obviously helped: cowards were not, and the corset was. Well, if so, I am more and videotaped - undress, how goes like climbs into the car. There I put her panties with two faloimmitator, bound his hands behind his back, threw a top coat and sat in front of. Looking to squint at my frightened face Blondie (from now on this will be its name), I decided to do nothing else - plenty of time. Leaving the parking lot, I saw how it looked after the nurse. She clearly saw was my Blondie. I wonder what she wants for this show? Well, it turned out later ...
After this evening rocker (I will refer to this as virgins) ordered to seduce a babysitter, I realized - I was gone. End of the kitten. Now it will give me more and more degrading tasks. And the morning did not deceive my expectations: I was ordered to go almost naked almost the entire park. What I did well, corner of my eye watching the rocker takes me, and even pose a bit. But her actions put me stumped: it hochet- then?
We went through the main streets and stopped at one of the most expensive women's clothing stores in the city. Rocker removed the handcuffs and took me to the store. I She drenched herself in a cold sweat: I am not here just shopped and knew me well. Here, one of the saleswomen hurried to meet us:
- Hello, can I ..
- Thank you Nina! - I said, after a highly sensitive shock. - We have something to look at.
Inspection of goods rocker almost nothing not satisfied. I bought stockings, such as those that were with me, and a couple of terribly frank and sexual combinations. Himself she chose the shoe stylish. Then he went on. After a couple of quarters rocker stopped the car at the curb. I was left sitting in the car, chained by the arm to the seat by handcuffs.
- I believe, my dear, that you will not run away - she said, kissing m Enja - but you look too sexy to leave you free. I can argue on a piece of dollars, that in five minutes to you nachnut stick.
In vain I did not argue. Molested began in the eighth minute. Three horny goblin. I should not have immediately sent them not. While on the other hand, these three could maypole and offended. After two minutes of conversation they began to break into the car, I was not a little frightened. Here and there was a rocker, carrying kakuyu- the big bag.
- You forgot something here? - She asked, dropping the bag on the ground.
One of them tried to bykovat but buddy snapped: "Shut up, you moron!" - And dragged cronies. When she got into the car, I asked:
- He knows you. I wonder where?
- He's from Arthur groups - said rocker. - We were with him koe any misunderstanding, but then all ustakanilos. And with that, he has a nickname, by the way, scrap, likes to bend the straw on his head, was a small misunderstanding. He admitted he was wrong, well dispersed.
- How is it - stick to the scrap of your head?
- Yes, just - at the tip rocker arms. - The middle of the scrap on the head, hands and bend the ends. Well, what do you want to jerk off?
That Yes, yes, it would be clever, is not got up. I was very much occupied with the question why the Lom admitted they were wrong? Well, do not scrap it at the head dolbanula rocker? But other arguments, these goblins did not recognize. Curiosity so tormented me that dared to ask herself.
- There was a conversation - after a pause, unwillingly muttered rocker.
I realized that a clear answer can not wait and left behind. The car, meanwhile, left the city and turned off the main road to the side and rolled along the river. Half an hour later she drove up to the post. The guards saw sitting behind the wheel rocker, even did not check the documents, and immediately raised the barrier. Nodding to them, rocker went on. The road wound through the fir forest, and suddenly went to the old mansion, which stood on the shore of a small lake. It seems that a couple of years ago there was a scandal of the illegal privatization of this ancient monument foreign firm. It seems that this claim homestead still not! many local and regional cones. But the scandal quickly extinguished after "Lincoln" measure blown up. Ask about the involvement of rocker to this scandal, I did not. Looking at the estate, I understand why there was such squabbling because of it.
The guards immediately opened the gate, barely seeing the car. Stop the machine at the main entrance, rocker took off my coat, buttoned his hands behind his back and in such a whorish (corset, long stockings, studs) povela the stairs to the main entrance. And there are already lined up five servants, meeting the owner. Viewed without surprise, but with interest. Greeted with a high gray-haired uncle (butler, or what?), Rocker ordered to bring things to the fireplace room, and I was led to the basement. No, not at the camera scam, but simply changed the handcuffs on foot chain.
And then we went up to the fireplace room. I understood why he was called - there was a fireplace velichiny that could fry a couple of elephants and still have room for the bull left. The fire was razozhzhn, the fireplace stood a few chairs and a couple of tables with wine and fruit More Cigarette (like in in the office of her husband was) and the box, apparently with cigars. Rocker ... opened the box, took a thin cigar and looked at me. Properly understood her look, I took the lighter and gave her fire. Then I poured wine into glasses, handed her one, and sat down on the carpet at Madame feet.
Lady ?!
Apparently, that's right. I am the very first meeting reacted to it exactly as Mrs., Lady, having the right to dispose of his obedient servant. I liked it very much. That's why I did not question her orders and dutifully fulfilled every whim. However, prihotey- and the special was not.
My lady put her hand on her head and began to touch my hair, I clung to her leg and positive la head in her lap. From its touch I became not herself. However, only on it when I was fucking night with a babysitter, special senses were not, it was just fun and enjoyable. Yes, and exciting, because of her husband snoring in the next room. But ... I'm such a rocker even her husband did not test!
Lord, so I have not fallen in love ?! In this girl ??!
My mother was a woman lived ...
I caressed my Blondie and it was very good. Age would be so sat eyelids, moving nowhere.
Put out his cigarette in the ashtray, I got:
- Come swim, kitten.
- In the lake? - Blondie was surprised and already shrugged off the chill.
- What for? - I was surprised. - There is an excellent swimming pool with heated water.
The pool was behind the house, led to his cloister. She walked just from the fireplace room. Made Gallery was a colonnade with glazed openings, the ceiling has been beautifully painted, tiled mosaic with pictures of girls bathing. In my opinion, they were too fat, and zhopastymi Titted, but they showed me drawings of famous artists, and I waved her hand - do what you want. The pool itself was designed as a glass pavilion. That he did not clashed with its super-modern view of the old manor, it fenced off trees and bushes.
The pool we had an erotic game. They began to undress each other, licking at the same time without missing the slightest piece of the body. This game us so whetted that we had a crazy sex. In some positions we just did not use each other! Finally, exhausted, we fell into the pool. The water refreshed us and we will do it again on the stairs - there was a wide staircase with a gradual increase in depth. Finally vsyo-taki are full, we went to the locker room. My stuff has not been touched, but to lay a new Blondie corset, stockings and shoes pyatnadtsatisantimetrovoy platform. Well, I still handcuffed her and leash.
Table I did not use, I was longing suggests a huge table that seats at least fifty people. And we had dinner in a small office nearby. I sat in a chair blondie, tied his hands and feet, and fed her own. And me and her a dinner terribly amused. After dinner, I pulled her to the shooting range:
- Come on, there's an idea!
The dash-equipped in the basement, I took out pistols! t:
- It means so. Each is given by five shots. Who will beat more he won, and therefore ...
I looked pointedly at Blondie. That depressed, but agreed. And where it is detsya-? I fired. 48 out of fifty - very good. Then he gave the gun Blondie. That fired almost without aiming. I liked that her hand did not tremble, not dropping her eyes. Then I check the result and was stupefied: forty-seven of the fifty. I looked again: that's my hole, circled column marker, that's it. Once again. No, that's for sure. Full awesome I stared at my blonde:
- Are you involved in the shooting ?!
- Never! - She replied. - I shoot only once, with a hunting rifle, have friends in the country. My husband missed, and I hit. He got angry, called the stupid cow and chased.
- It is clear ... - I said.
I brought a lot of weapons: pistols several different models, including the legendary Mauser, a couple of machines, pieces of three rifles and forced to shoot a blonde in this arsenal. She herself happy scorched. The results exceeded all expectations, the bullet went exactly on target.
No, I shoot no worse, but I do is the result of long practice, and then God's gift in its purest form. It is the first time took up arms and smeared !!! In the end, I was with emotion and embraced Blondie goryacho kissed.
- I never knew that I got such a treasure! Your husband is a moron in a hard way! I miss such a miracle! No, my dear, now I'm sure your husband will not give up. In general, you will not let go. What if someone steals?
Blondie laughed, but if I was joking, then absolutely chut-hardly. Have your own, correct hand - it's the ultimate dream! Before that, I worked alone, and we are now able to carry out more complex composition. It remains only to Coy what Blondie teach, but this is nonsense. The main thing - it was the shooter from God, and it can be learned, but we need years and years of practice.
Then together we cleaned and lubricated weapon - the order is an order. It seems even bother with these iron things gave her almost! th as much fun as shooting. So much the better, it will nurture and grooming his instrument. Then I dragged a bottle of shampoo and cakes:
- It is necessary, my love, to celebrate the birth of another sniper!
I shot stopper and poured the foaming wine by the glass.
When she dragged me to the shooting range and made to shoot, I measured with the defeat. I told the truth: I shot only once in the life of the shotgun. My husband decided to humiliate me and forced to shoot. Predstavte imagine his fury, when I hit the target with both barrels, but he missed! I still remember the pleasure when holding a heavy ruzhzho!
And here now fighting weapon! Beretta, Glock, Mauser, Stechkin! I especially liked the Mauser some reason, even though that it might be a good thing? Heavy maloudobnaya zhelezjaka beginning of the last century. But drat! And shoot with great pleasure. And it was nice to see the amazement and delight of rockers! Although that I have never understood in my shooting. When was aiming, shot, hit. With difficulty I realized that the vast majority of people shamelessly smear, especially for the first time by taking up arms. I ponravilos shooting so that I did not even think there was, why she needed a sniper. I now it's like. Let rocker thinks her money to pay for it ...
Suddenly Madame put me on the table, I began to pour shampusika and lick it off my chest, abdomen, pipiske. I seemed to explode, so roughly finished. Then she herself lay on her back, I clung to her pussy, obilno pouring champagne. Having received several orgasms, we were finally able to break away from each other.
- It is not sad, my darling, - said rocker - but we have yet to leave.
She brought me to the house does not have this van and on a gorgeous American cars and even a chauffeur, I dressed quickly. Kiss goodbye Madame, I went home. There I was waiting for an enraged husband. Without a word, he lit me in the eye. I came off the wall and fell to the floor. My husband jumped up and began to tear off my clothes.
- No, just look at this whore! - He yelled, when I stayed in a corset and stockings. - Damn! You're down and out whore! This bitch is not even cowards !! On! On!! On!!!
He began to beat me down. For doors flashed contented muzzle nanny.
- Maybe that's enough? - Suddenly there was a native voice.
Rocker !!
The husband, who raised his foot to kick back and turned. She stood at the door in an unbuttoned black coat and hat, hands clasped behind his back. Husband eyed her eyes and asked:
- You both came in?
- Through the door, - he grinned rocker. - Here, I look at what is happening. Healthy man beating a woman. Great!
- Go away!!! - He barked husband.
And I rushed Mrs. I had some doubts about the wisdom of such an act, and they are confirmed. Fighting was not. Rocker few blows knocked him to the floor and walked over to me. A pat on the cheek, she sprosila me:
- How do you feel, my dear?
- Nothing - I whispered.
- Shit! - ... My husband said. - So you're a lesbian? Fucking on the head! My wife - a lesbian! Who would have podu- mother like that! Fie on you !! Perverts! It should be you, bitch with a hat, to show what a real man.
- Do not act do you have in mind? - I looked at him with a sneer rocker. - Beat a woman and immediately poluchit on the horns of the other.
She lifted me and carried into the room. Followed, grunting and groaning, hobbled like koe husband. Putting me on the sofa, rocker turned to the nurse:
- Zero on, bitch, rag and water!
- Of course! - I ran a nanny.
Her husband could not calm down:
- , It is necessary to press you, whore! Baba simply gone mad! About the house, the family stopped to think ... Just a shame lost, shameless ...
- Hey, asshole, you shut up his mouth! - I glared at him rockers. - Or add?
No, supplements her husband did not want to. But he could not shut up - the shock was too strong. His zhena betrayed him, and even with a woman! Shame no end is now !! Angrily glancing at us, he left the office, something Burch himself.
Then when the nanny! carrying bandages and water. My lady carefully wiped my wounds. Actually, wounds and had not been a strong bruises, but injured his left hand. Just from broken lips shattered a lot of blood. Convinced that in general is not so bad, rocker said:
- I love you with this idiot I will not leave. And girls take. - Then he frowned at the nurse. - And you, too, will go.
- With kids? - The nurse asked gently.
- Yeah, kindergarten open for you! - Poisonous said rocker. - Ahmed selling.
- For what?! - I cried the nurse, turning pale as snow. No, even whiter.
Ahmed took control of the whole of prostitution in the city, to get to his feet - then die.
- Because you nearly killed my friend. You should be given a medal? Come on!
- Madam! - Babysitter fell to her knees, clutching the leg rocker. - Do not! I ... I ... I do everything for you! Not to Ahmed !!! I agree to everything, but not to him !!!
- Yes? - Rocker hair raised her head and looked at the nurse's face. - I wonder ... Okay, girls gather. And fast!!
Nanny jumped up and rushed to the nursery.
- Madam, you forgive her? - I asked.
- Let's see ... - vaguely replied rocker.
- Here is how? - Came the drunken voice of her husband. - Mrs. ?!
He stood in the doorway, hands trembling shotgun.
- How do you fell lower, bitch ... And you? - He turned his gaze on the rocker. - You corrupted my wife made a creature whore ...
He could not continue. The hostess came up, snatched the rifle butt and moved in the face. My husband has departed, losing to fly broken teeth. Spitting go, rocker turned to us:
- This goat had forgotten to charge your ruzhbaykami. What are you ready? - And I, and the nurse nodded. - Well, then we go.
For three years now we live together and are very happy. My daughters live with us. And the nurse, too, still busy with her daughters. From time to time to join us in the bedroom. Rocker she is afraid of scary, to tremble at the knees. My husband went off somewhere. Not ruled ridicule and contempt, after my lady and hinted about something. Yeah, shoot, I never threw. And quite often we go on business trips ...
  • 60
Part 1. Natasha spermasha.
One hot summer day, we with my girlfriend Natasha decided to celebrate my birthday. All friends departed - who at the house, who leave, so the celebration in a circle of friends was postponed indefinitely. But I could not even imagine how everything will be fine. Until this very day, we met with her for about a month, but the sex we did not. She stubbornly refused to lose the innocence of the first priest, and I, in turn, felt an irresistible urge to fuck her. She was of medium height, with a bit clumsy, but shapely legs, slim build, dark hair. Often she pretended that I was nowhere near there, and in my circle of friends behaved relaxed. I sometimes noticed how fiercely they devour her with his eyes, trying to mentally undress her, and I was both infuriated and excited. The day began quite normally, but I had a vague presentiment that today something has to happen.
So in the end it turned out. We met after work at 6 o'clock, a walk, warmed up in the usual beer, but Natasha was for some reason not in the mood. Then we bought 2 bottles of wine and 10 bottles of beer glass, snack. She perked up a bit - can be seen beginning to affect the action of beer and offered to go to his home. I briefly thought about this proposal. When we climbed the stairs to the entrance, I went back and I could not take my eyes off her shapely legs covered with black tights transparent. Also it was a black short skirt and light blouse. I thought, "Well dressed up, bitch. Probably for me"And felt the cock was showing signs of life. I immediately calmed himself, although to me it was given with great difficulty. But this calm was short-lived. When we walked into the hallway, she suddenly leaned forward, removing shoes, and rested her plump ass into my cock.
At that moment I thought that I had finished, but it was not so. In my head flashed: "Well, wait a minute, let me just get to your vagina - then you know what it means to show off in front of a drunken man in a miniskirt" In the meantime, she took off shoes, turned to me and said, "What are you stand rooted to the spot, whether at home!"And I went into the room with the bags. I at that time looked only at her feet. I was fascinated by these black tights, but even more, I wanted to enjoy what was between the legs of their hostess. I calmed down again, but I knew that for a long time can not continue, and in the end I could not keep myself within what is permitted. It was amazing to her behavior - from an innocent girl she is gradually transformed into a sort of vampire sex, ready to suck all my sperm.
I took off his shoes, and went after her. We began to disassemble the bag. At this point, we already drank 3 bottles of beer. Only now I realized that we bought too much alcohol, but it was too late, though I provides an excellent opportunity to fulfill all your dirty dreams, or at least some of them, because Natasha, with each drinking a bottle of beer seemed more promiscuity and sexually . We turn on the TV, but there was not anything interesting. We decided to open the first bottle of wine. The wine was good, but fortified, and beat on the brain only in the way, and I thought that it was necessary to drink the first wine, and then to catch up with beer, but again, it was too late, and soon I began to think about as I turn their heinous plans into reality. We sat down on the sofa. Natasha was sitting a little distance from me, and I occasionally could not help but look towards her feet. I was like obsessed with them. To digress, I went to the balcony to smoke, but here I was not in complete tranquility.
She did not see what I saw through the window behind her. She sat on the sofa, legs wide apart, drank wine and watched TV. I finished his, came back into the room and asked her to play music instead of watching TV. She agreed ... Light music has created a good atmosphere for the deprivation of virginity. We chatted for a while, and then she'd accidentally dropped the bag of chips under the table. Naturally, I reached for them and do not miss a chance to peek under her skirt. She seemed to play all the time with me, testing my strength, and I decided that we should start to act. We have opened a second bottle of wine, and I asked her to dance a little bit, but it was only a pretext to get close to her. I grabbed it with both hands around the waist and held her close. We have merged in a 10-minute kiss. Gradually, my hands began to descend lower and lower, and now I felt the fabric of her panties and slowly began to stroke her there in time with the music.
It was obvious that she liked. She moaned softly and moved toward my hand. I felt the alluring scent of her perfume, and is already looking forward to the massacre of her Tselkov, but then she suddenly said that she needed the bathroom. Probably he felt his hole inevitable. I drank some more wine each and it came. I asked what she was doing, but she evaded the conversation and said: "Let's drink to us". "For us - it's good"- I thought. She lay down on the sofa, legs crossed. Well, just very shy! The wine is finally killed me. I clung to her and began to slowly pull off her pantyhose. She did not resist - alcohol also made itself felt. I pulled them up around her knees, and her legs were themselves gradually move apart. Then she, too, had pulled down the pants and removed yubchonku, and in front of me opened a wonderful image of her sweet bud. "At last"- I thought. I waited for this moment all night, and maybe even a lifetime.
But at the same time with the desire to break the play the virgin I had an obsession - I wanted to get back at her severely for a pack of crisps and a moment in the hallway. First, I decided to warm up a little bit - I started fingering her virgin vagina and klitorok. I immediately put his fingers on the maximum depth, and felt all her hole from the inside. It has been quite broad and deep, not just for my cock, I thought. Natasha moaned, her vagina gradually poured fervently as my dick. Then I paused to drink the wine left in the bottle, and then I had a plan. I poured a little wine in his hand and moistened her hole. It turned out that my shlyushonka already flowed all their juice. Then I put the wine and decided to taste - what happened? It was mouthwatering flavor and aroma! The proximity of her vagina completely overshadowed my drunken mind. I carefully, millimeter by millimeter, licked her fragrant hole, penetrating tongue deeper and deeper, trying not to lose any of this diabolical mixture droplets.
Then I began to literally fuck her with his tongue. I frantically stuck and stuck out his, and eventually it came. We decided to relax a bit and drank wine. But it seemed to me a little devilish cocktail - in fact I'm still not taught a good lesson to be like this whore. I took the bottle and began to slowly introduce it into the vagina. The neck was a long - just right for a bottomless hole! I cranked it there several times and pulled. Natasha grabbed the bottle from my hand and furiously began to lick the neck. "Good whore birthday!", - I said. She grinned mischievously. Her view of excited me more, and I finally decided to go to the main part of the presentation. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his penis. She immediately understood everything, and, resting his hands on the side back of the sofa, knelt down, and she appeared from somewhere tube with some cream. I said: "Here you are, then what was in the bathroom? But make no mistake - the cream will not help you! ".
I spread her buttocks and enjoyed it yet innocent back hole. I then liberally smeared it with cream and brought to his penis until it stops. I stood there, not moving member, and waited as it can so endure, and felt the full depth of the dyreni. But a minute later, I myself could not stand. After a few powerful movement, I came straight into her anal. Never have I experienced such an orgasm! I pulled out a cock and cum smeared partially leaked around the hole ... but then again shallow and stuck it pohlyupal them there. Natasha has not moaned - she apparently did not care what they do with it. I unfolded it and decant the remnants of sperm in her raunchy mouth. Part of it dripped onto her cheeks. She dutifully swallowed it and dumped the language, saying that he wanted more.
I replied that her wish will be fulfilled in half an hour, and even offered a drink on the bottle of beer. We drank, and I end up pulled off her tights and panties and unbuttoned her blouse, began to feel her nipples. She is definitely liked, and she began to pull at her clitoris. I also began to slowly get excited looking at her breasts, which were visible small drips of sperm. I finished the bottle and felt ready to reward your doll regular portion selective sperm. At first, I also admired her little inviting hole, and then set to work. I did not stand on ceremony with her, and one sharp movement entered her and broke her hymen. Oh yeah! I felt all the infinite depth and athletic stretching her dirty vagina, my penis was so convenient to crawl in the bottomless trough. I sit down brutally on its own number, and the couch went shake beneath us. Then I wanted to diversify this action, I pulled out a member, the reason they bit her tummy and lifted it to his mouth. She sniffed it, then as if reluctantly licked it a few times, and then I plugged it to her mouth and did not take out about half a minute.
Then I began to drive rhythmic movements of his throat. She was breathless, but I could not stop, and eventually sperm hit her throat so that she nearly choked. I fumbled in her mouth a member, gathered a little sperm, and pulled it back to decant it, but on the nose and cheeks. She just glowed with happiness and admitted: "I always wanted to stay in the role of dirty whores. Thank you for helping me in this". I replied that she would have much of a chance to repeat this very pleasant for my penis role. Such was her payback for all that I and my cock had to experience this month and especially on this day. I then drank another bottle of beer and smoked a few cigars in honor of a wonderful evening, and she could not drink any more, and then I passed out ...
Part 2. Light-meneta and Alina-aniline.
The next day I got somewhere around 10 hours. At the head of the mess going on, it is no wonder that after such an amount of alcohol. I recalled the events of the previous day and was just happy the possession of such a lively toy with three lustful holes. I barely got up and made his way to the bathroom to dry trees to score, but plain water is not inspired me. Then I remembered that I still had 3 bottles of beer. I walked into the room. Included yesterday music is played, and I did not turn it down. Steep some psychedelic, and I was a little recovered. I opened the first bottle and noticed that my darling is sleeping soundly. From under the blouse could see her breasts, and her head was all hairy hole open my eyes. I felt again the sweet sipping abdomen, and I wanted to have her pussy again.
But I decided to wait a little bit with the continuation of executions. I turn on the TV - Show news from some leading sexy, and I thought it would be nice to her, too, here in my company to the fun. But she was on the other side of the screen, and I could not do anything. And then I suddenly thought of his old friend - Alina. We met with her to Natasha and regularly staged an orgy in my house. But then she met on the Internet with some kind of a lesbian and left me. "So, I pulled on the girls"I thought, and decided that she probably wants to experience new sensations with a stranger. I dial a number and asked her to celebrate my birthday, but she did not agree. I said that we celebrate it with my cousin and will not be anything like what she thought. But in my head already matured cunning plan.
When she heard about her sister, her voice became noticeably livelier. She began with great interest to respond to my questions and in the end agreed to for the evening. "Still - I thought - how she can not taste my so-called cousin ". Natasha, meanwhile, all asleep. Again I looked around her crotch, and slowly walked over to her. I decided not to wake her, and immediately proceed to action. She was lying comfortably on the side edge of the sofa, his head hanging slightly off the floor. I took out a member of the panties and began to gently lead them to her lips. Her lipstick was smeared after yesterday, and I was even more excited. But I have not began to fuck her in the mouth, and was attached to her stinking womb. I introduced the first member of somewhere halfway. She shrank into herself, but did not wake up - it is clear her subconscious gave her a sign that if she wakes, she will only get worse.
But I had a different opinion. I slowly began to move deeper into the beauty and felt owning a sleeping beauty, while stroking her breasts. She still no signs of life. Then I decided that it would be wrong to leave her without a portion of fresh sperm for breakfast. I unfolded it and conveniently entered an elastic back with full force. Now she began to wake up and tried to wriggle out, but I ordered: "Lying still, whore!". She dutifully obeyed and spread his buttocks hand wider. " That's correct!". Member went well - in her anus still had remnants of yesterday's cream. I loved every thrust of my cock and her every shudder in response. She was languishing and mumbled: "Please, do not end up my ass ..." I asked what she wanted. "I want in her mouth". "You guess the right of my desire, sorceress. Wait a few minutes, I will do your will". I continued to stick it on your mad count. Then I pulled it out and began pounding it on her lips. She laughed wildly, grabbed hold of the corners of the mouth and spread it, and I pushed her dick on the tonsils.
I liked to peck it to the palate, and was wondering what she was feeling. She grabbed my cock lips and squeezed it. At that moment I felt a surge of sperm and could not resist this whore. Furiously masturbate his cock, I pulled her mouth a huge portion that was immediately swallowed. "This is for you instead of breakfast!"- I smiled. It was evident that she was satisfied. I dressed, and she went to bathe. I told her go: "That's right, get ready for the evening"- "And in the evening?"- "It will be a surprise". We had breakfast, but it could not do, and I went even purchased. It was coming saturated evening with two charming brunette! As I walked into the store, I thought about how one day Natasha could turn from innocent virgin in podzabornaya whore, I hollowed in every hole, and decided that all once there the first time and not all this time it turns so saturated as it was with her. And she should be grateful for it my penis! Then I thought of Alina and imagined what I would do with them in the evening with both today. Oh, and they are not big trouble!
I came with 3 bottles of champagne and 10 banks Jaguar cocktail, because this cocktail like both of my slut, and, of course, with a snack. Natasha was in some pantyhose, only this time they were flesh-colored, and without clothes. I grabbed her hand on the pussy and said, "Get dressed, hole, or else I can not bear to evening and cancer put you right in the kitchen!". "I feel hot", - She said. "Do not worry, really hot you would be a little later, and now wait". However, she was not dressed, and continued to beckon me with their forms. But the price paid for it will happen, even if she does not even doubt. When I walked into the store, I decided to go to the pharmacy and watch any type tabletochki Viagra. I never before this is not fond of, but now I am afraid that any of my girlfriends will have no portion of my evening's over. At home, I had a couple of tabletochek. I look forward to 7 hours and Natusik all flaunted in front of me in her stocking feet. But now, finally, the long-awaited moment - was Alina, and it was kind of sexy brunette ....
"Three-in-one brunette - just super!"- Flashed through my head. "This is my friend of Light. I hope that you will accept us alone?". "Yes, of course, the place at all enough, pass"- I said, and thought: "And my penis too!". I had time to assess the merits Svetochka until they remove their shoes. She was of medium build, in tight black trousers and blouse with a plunging neckline, her hair was tied in a ponytail. When she bent down to take off his shoes, I was able to catch the corner of his eye swaying her rather large breasts. Alina was around skirt to the knees, with a beautiful hairstyle and my favorite black transparent tights. I immediately remembered how I fought it at home, but once finished on her plump thighs and delicious ass, and how much it excited me then. A light was for me an unidentified sex object, which had yet to discover his insatiable cock! Natasha, meanwhile, finally got dressed and went out into the hallway, and they got to know each other. I did not tell her about Aline, and she suspected nothing yet.
We first went to the kitchen, drank tea, in general, all was peaceful. Then they moved to the hall. Alina Sveta had no idea what was going on here yesterday, but soon they will feel it is already on its negligible pussy! Natasha turned on the TV, but, like yesterday, was no good. All this was to remind me of yesterday's orgy. We open the champagne, and I Natasha pulled from their reserves some tincture. I alternately slurped the infusion, the champagne, and soon began to demolish the roof, but it was bad only for those three vaginas that surrounded me! Within an hour they were all drunk. Light invited me to come out to the balcony to smoke. We talked a little bit with it. At the time of the conversation, I just stared at the cutout in her blouse, then I saw through the glass that Alina and Natasha already hard sucking and pussy Alina stroked his girlfriend. My cock was already at full capacity, and I was ready to fuck shines directly on the balcony. But we entered the room, and a little bit of light was stupefied at the sight of two lesbians. They continued their work without even noticing us.
I poured champagne Light, she drank wine glass in one gulp and suddenly thoughtfully began to unbutton his pants in my breeches. My hero has resurfaced, and she began slowly podrachivat it. Meanwhile, Natasha lay on the sofa, legs down to the floor, and Alina knelt on the floor and began to rhythmically lick her hole. A Light climbed on the sofa, and prispustila their little black trousers. She was without panties. I, like yesterday, decided to start her have a thorough wetting her holes. The inviting scent of her vagina drunk stirred up my mind and I wanted to drink all the juice out of it. I just did not realize what was happening. I sucked it drop by drop, as she fingered her klitorok. "Drunk bitch, what are you doing with me?"- I thought. She was expired, and it was a good time to try it dyren already a member. I went into force its opening up to the stop, and she cried, and threw back her head. I brutally fucked her somewhere for 10 minutes, then the entire depth, and it was only half full. In the end, I discharged it directly into the vagina. But 5 minutes later, I again felt a surge of sperm to the penis - is seen tabletochki turned out that it is necessary, and decided it would be worthless to let the Light without a fair portion of Cum in her wide mouth. From her vagina still oozing sperm, and I gathered her fingers, smeared it around the mouth. Then I was a member of the armed and rubbed her face. I was just in awe of the full possession of my new whore. But it would be wrong if the light is not tried to count my taste. With words: "Well, Sveta-menetka, are you ready?"I introduced the term in her mouth and began to keep it there, tucked into her throat.
She was kept somewhere for about a minute, and she proved to be more hardy than Natasha - was able to sustain half a minute longer! Then I began to peck her as hollowed yesterday Natasha, for a second without stopping. Soon I was a wild cry vydrochil second portion directly into the throat. At this time, Alina and Natasha have finished licking each other and watched me pru their girlfriend. Natasha then a little suck with the world - probably the remains of sperm collected from her tongue. For a while calm has. We were already quite drunk, and began to open cocktails. Now, my goal was to properet Alina - because I have not felt the charm of her vagina, and at the same time, can and Natasha something perepadet. I looked at her legs in black stockings and more excited. I took a sip of Jaguar and began to push her legs, then pulled the tights. She was rosy panties. I did not shoot them, and took a jar of cocktail and moisten them, then he began to push through their member into the hole. She and her friend is definitely like it. But I did not like that my cock is not until the end of her vagina tearing, and I took them off and gave it to Natasha.
She immediately began to suck them like candy. I penetrated all the way to Alina, and from below by a member podlezla Light and began to lick my balls while I fucked my ex-girlfriend. I was alternately in Aline, that in the mouth of Svetsik. Then came the turn of the rear hole Alina. Light crawled and stood next to her on the couch with cancer, the same thing done, and Natasha. "What a spectacular view!", - I said. Three smelly Dyrin flaunted before me in all its splendor! I began to turn to fuck all three of them in the anus, making several shocks in each of the whores. They were at my mercy! I thought it would be bad if some of them will remain dissatisfied, and tried my best, literally tearing the walls of the intestines. Rear holes Alina Sveta was just perfectly designed - seen, they regularly practiced recently in their lesbian games with a dildo. Natasha Passage are not yet fully been extended - yet yesterday she got a little away from me, and member went somehow tightly to it. I told her: "Come quickly carry it yesterday cream - I grease the crevices of your dry!".
She brought, but I myself did not smear, and said to her: "Take it on the tongue and lick the filthy ass for better patency"And she immediately began to carry out instructions. Squeeze a little cream on the tongue, she licked the crack Alina. "Careful and intensive!". She smeared it on the tongue and all accelerated the pace, and Alina at this moment broke their Concha. I saw a thin trickle ran down her leg, and then I bowed his head Natasha, and she dutifully lapped up all the liquid. "Now the Light!". While she moistened Svetkin dyren, I fell in the ass to try Alina - what happened? Member slid like clockwork, besides, I felt a pleasant burning sensation - it turned out, it was the new cream with heat effect. He further warmed insatiable anal cave. Alina-aniline kept a stiff upper lip in spite of the merciless swotting on the wall member of her depression. Meanwhile, the Light was licked Natasha, and they again took pose cancer alongside with Alina. "Hmm, including the completion of the hole!". I again began to turn to drive them in the ass his stick. It was like a game, and the winner receives all of my serving over. I wondered to whom I dwell, and who will be the keeper of my sperm. I fucked the Light, and at that time felt the sperm flow to the penis. But I decided to finish Aline ass - because it was wrong, that Natasha Sveta received their share today, but it is not.
I barely had time to introduce a member of her passage, I was all shook and his eyes darkened, and roared: "Get a whore!", Poured into it a dose of selective sperm. Natasha, meanwhile podlezla between his legs and began to collect the remains of the tongue Cum with her labia, which natekla from the backside, and then she poured the them from their rotika in Svetin. I finally calmed down and watched as the three punched whore lying in front of me to thoroughly asses Property and splayed vaginas. The desire to fuck them briefly disappeared. We drank cocktails and had a bite a little. But in my head I began to ripen another plan ...- I had to finally deal with Alina, because she had betrayed me and got in touch with this bitch light. One descent to hell was not enough for such a whore like her!
I asked Natasha, whose hole it seemed tastier during execution with cream, and she admitted that she was all the buzz words, to lick my sperm from Alinkinoy cave. It turned out that all they have experienced three orgasms during this time, just as I am. After some time, the tablets take effect again, and I decided that it was time for payback aniline my favorite! I pulled her to him, spread his legs, so that the vagina appeared before me in full. As usual, I did not stand on ceremony, spun her by a pussy to her with all his might, and planted it on his penis. I could feel every centimeter of her blazing heat of the vagina and tore her long enough in this slot. But in the end I still rooted for the fifth time in the day for a cum my favorite whores - it was my record! Natasha Sveta licked clean her dirty pzdu. Then we drank cocktails, and the next morning went home. I was very pleased with the two days spent with three first-class whores, but there was, so to speak, the official celebration with friends, and in my head already matured hellish plans for my Natasha ...
Part 3. Olga-vaginolya.
my birthday celebration with friends held a week after those two memorable days, when my infernal Concha flooded the vagina and anus of the Holy Trinity - the light-Menety, Natasha-Spermashi and Alina-aniline. All this week I have every day watered the mouth of fresh sperm Natasha, and was in constant excitement, when this stuff was present with me. I tore up her ass in his bathroom, pre-stretched its plunger handle, I tore it traditionally in the mouth on the couch, in general, it was not boring. There was a Saturday. Many of my friends came back from vacation, and I'm looking forward to excellent holiday. We met at my dacha.
A total of 10 people, 8 of my friends Natasha and Olga. I saw her for the first time - it came with my old friend Kolyanom, but I just have a desire to have her pussy. Natasha was dressed as a week ago - as a street slut, and I immediately felt that this day will be for her end of the world. She has braided ponytail and make up, not sparing mascara and lipstick. At first, as always, everything was calm, but I knew that I had to be sure to be discharged today in her mouth, anyway. We drank, and the four boys and Olga went to fry the kebabs in the garden. Natasha gradually intoxicated, and was sitting, lounging on the couch. I noticed that three males - Vadim, Kostya and Sanya literally eat her eyes. It is staggering gait hobbled into the kitchen. And I went for it, in order to begin their dirty little business. As soon as we went into the kitchen, I grabbed her by the hair and dragged him to the table. She sprawled on it, I lowered it with tights and entered her vagina Cucumber average thickness, which was lying nearby. Her entire rasperlo, and she began to moan. The boys have not yet heard it. I started stroking her Kisochka this cucumber, and gradually she began to flow.
I decided it was time to try her pussy not only vegetables! Not removing the cucumber, I slowly began to push dick in her vagina, and she writhed in convulsions of the whole. Her hole, despite the inexperience, was quite flexible and well-stretched under the pressure of my penis. I began to crawl along the wall of her vagina. She stammered: "Just do not call friends, please!". But it was too late - literally the next moment I heard a voice behind Wadi: "Nitsche myself! Yes, we have, it turns out, there are depraved girl for the holiday! Guys, come here". Kostik and Sanya instantly found themselves in the kitchen. I said: "Built in, guys, I do not mind!". They took out their chlenischa and steel near Natashkiny head, which hung from the other end of the table. Vadya said: "Now we will whiten your teeth". He began to push through dick between her purple lips and teeth on the drive there - here. They unclenched and he said: "Shire mouth!". But it still stubbornly resist!
Then Sanya pinched her nose with your fingers, and after a while she began to choke and opened the hole. One by one they began to fuck her dirty mouth. While one member of the thrust completely into the glands, the other two did wiping her little face huyami, and so alternately. I, meanwhile, continued to drill her vaginal hole. The table seemed about to collapse. Gradually we began to bestow its first portions spermaka. First Sanya finished, then I pulled into her vagina, and then Kostya has to Wadi emptied his cock into her mouth. Cum literally seethed in her throat Property!" Hell of a whore! She took my penis hurt when sucked, and now she's paid for it!"- Sanya said. He planted it on his penis anal and carried her into the hall - there is still roomier than in the kitchen. "Wait a little, Now come the others, and we Proprio these two whores"- Said he Vadya. But he did not listen to him, and became severely flogged her in the ass. A minute later he finished with a wild roar back. At this time came the others - five boys (Stas, Shreds, Andrei, Acne and Kirya) and Olechka.
As soon as they saw Natasha lying on the couch and out of her ass oozing sperm, they literally brutalized! They knocked Olya beside her on the sofa and began to remove her skirt, tore her panties, then force spread her legs because she stubbornly resisted. Yeah, hole in her was so wow! Without preliminaries Andryuha drove his cock in her pussy while lying under it, Stasia entered her in the ass. Vital to Kirei were attached to her shlyuhinym gubochki, rouged bright red lipstick and began to masturbate on them, of course, not forgetting periodically dipping his cock inside mouth. A Shreds with Wadi began stroking the front hole Natasha, and then began to poke a member of her pussy. She was well extended after the experiment with cucumber and flowed be healthy, and they are both members immediately inserted together, arranged under it, as it only allows you to stretch the hole! Then I joined, but I was no longer so interesting shove Natasha. I wanted to come to know the depth of Olina, and moving away from Natashkiny Gubishche, I began to masturbate already Olina. In the end, the three of us with Kirei and Vitalik filled her mouth full of sperm. She ran down her lips and neck, and I wanted to fuck and to fuck her throat in my entire life! Then add your portions Andryuha with Stas.
In the meantime, my place in Natasha's mouth took Kostya, and after a few minutes it was full over. But she got a lot less than her girlfriend-slut - Shreds with Wadi emptied their members only in her gut! Then there was a lull, and we are somewhere in half an hour did not fuck them, and drank vodyaru to catch the sperm and finally deal with these crappy! They lay almost motionless, and only rarely Natasha twitched. We decided to continue the execution. Natasha was decided to give a little rest and nabratya silenok - it no one is to touch, although its vagina and requested a fuck. We are conveniently placed Olga and Vadya bared her point. He stretched buttocks, and we in turn came, mercilessly fucked her ass and go down there. When I put his penis there, he nearly melted from the heat - it was like a furnace! No one was in debt to her! She had already been exhausted, her rectum was reduced and splashed out of the semen.
Vadya said: "I have an idea!"And took a banana from the table, tucked them hole. " It is - to save spermak!", he said. We watched him. He pulled Natasha on the floor and rubbed her mouth just above Olin ochkom that dangled above the floor. "Now fokusik!". We already suspected that he was going to carry out. He took out a banana, and the sperm slowly began to leak out of one hole to another. She hung a thin thread and dripping Natasha in her mouth, I began to stretch. She stuck out her tongue and helpfully collected every last drop! Then we decided to have some fun. Inserting ... banana in pussy Oli, we put both of them on the couch. In the corners of Natasha's mouth still I could see cum, and she got on her knees so that her nose almost to the point rested Ole. Behind her is conveniently perched Vadya and Olin mouth began to check Andryuha. Vadya thrust member, and Natasha put her nose right into the back of the hole Oli. Kostya came up to her and began to expand again mercilessly her anal. The hole was hoo! With each push of Wadi nose Natasha rested in the anus, and we were laughing wildly on it. "Lick this whore!"- Shouted Kostya. She dumped his filthy language and has become quite common to fall right into the hole Scarlet. "Delicious?"- I asked. She did could not answer - still, she is in fact the first time tasted the taste of female ass! But still some week ago, she was Tselkov. An amazing transformation!
Then Vadya thrust his cock up to the stop and stopped. She dived nose in the ass and her nose and tongue were slits about somewhere for a moment, feeling all the flavor of freshly Property and obkonchalsya assholes! She liked - her face was read devilish malicious smile. "That whore!"- I said, and decided that she had had enough for today. I took a banana out of pussy, cleaned it and slowly shove in extended Olgino point. Thoroughly out of it for them there and collecting the remnants of sperm and shit on it, I started with the power to push it into his mouth Natasha. "Eat, bitch!"- I kept saying. At this time Vadya continued to fight it, and my cock stood up again! And how else? She even chewed banana when I opened her mouth and stuck to a member. Chunks of banana spilling out and I calmed down only after a fair portion of the over, lowered its insatiable maw. She finished her all this, and then received another sperm from Wadi in your zhopets. Meanwhile, other boys also began to over and over again down to her tits and in her mouth.
And Olga continued to hum, while members include her in the mouth with furious force. Then we decided on it and mock. Someone brought a few pegs, and we started to hang them by the labia. Her pussy was filled with the heat again and flowed. We carried it out. "Guys, no one wants to piss?". Five people have expressed such a wish. Two cast in her vagina, and removing the pegs inserted slightly to the members, three in her mouth. These two vaginalok seemed, though it was possible to fuck the whole day - a hole worked properly and asked for more and more! But the five-time portion of piss was the last thing they experienced that day. They then somewhere 2:00 regained consciousness and then again began to drink with us, and was no longer anything that day. But we know that tomorrow their cunts are on full alert, and we can once again enjoy their bottomless valleys!
  • 60
I met Alec Mamatov on the internet by chance, talking to one of the forums devoted to cars. I wanted to buy and choose the model and details Alex explained to me the advantages and disadvantages of domestic and foreign automobile industry. He even promised to help in the purchase of the car and asked for my email address.
I have given, but to my surprise in the received letter was not a single word about the machines. But car expert was talking about himself and asked enough questions to me immodest. At first I did not attach much importance to this and responded quite sluggish on his message, considering it annoying and anxious waiting for the guy that he is about to ask for an image of my naked body as requested so that the rest of the virtual drochery flooded the network. Little did these idiots on the Internet? But Alex did not ask anything, being intelligent and interesting conversationalist knows how to win.
And after a while I became interested and already she climbed in the mail or in "ICQ" To talk with him.
To my surprise, Alex was a good poet and sent me inspirational poems about nature and the sea that sweetly touched my sentimental soul of his spontaneity and sincerity.
We communicated quite different topics and a week later exchanged pictures to the words of Alex, "present with whom you talk".
Looking at the photos I sank serdechko- such high and interesting guys I've always liked. In addition, behind him stood a beautiful foreign car, but I feel pochemu-to chronic weakness for beautiful cars: Then Alik suddenly sent me a test, which were very frank questions about my sexual preferences and openly asked to answer them for myself. There have been questions about the number of sexual partners, poses fantasies ...
Generally speaking, all that I did not tell her Yurik.
Initially embarrassed, I still was the answer, and this thing I gripped so that I was sitting at the computer for two hours answering detailed questions indiscreet strange erotic test. And the last question "who would you like to work out sex, write his name" Without thinking quickly slap - "Alik" and closed the test, but the screen blinked and it appeared the inscription killer "YOU Raffle! TEST RESULTS WERE SENT TO SENDER" And there was the address of Alik ... I almost fainted! Then I did not check the mail a week, becoming crimson at the thought that my casual online acquaintance learned about the secrets of my sex life.
But then ... Then I climbed up and found a dozen letters Alik with poems dedicated to me and asking for a meeting and could not resist, agreed! I Agree Do not know why, because I have a boyfriend and have Yurik, who worships at no soul, but ... In short, do not ask about the rationale of my action. Women's logic in general, he loves to talk, my immediate supervisor to all sorts of strange in his opinion the actions of his subordinates. And he says it and the girls and boys, which leads to some thoughts, but to hell with him nachalnikom- will talk further. In general, he persuaded me to meet the wily seducer.
I wore make up favorite, enough open T-shirt, skirt and ran toward adventure in the cafe, which is located in the center of the city and where my random znakoy appointed me to meet. Meeting or a date? Who cares ... Going I caught myself thinking that even slowly to the first meeting with Yurik I do not volnovalas.A when I sat down at a small plastic table and ordered a coffee and saw him springy gait setting in a cafe, my heart pounding .
Alex was nice, tall and broad-shouldered brunette in a tight-fitting T-shirt that clung boldly powerful torso. Going into the cafe and saw me, he smiled broadly revealing number of snow-white teeth and waved in greeting, muscular hand, densely covered with black hair. When he made his way to her table, then accidentally touched a chair beautiful girl sitting in the waiting order. The girl turned around and Alex broke into a disarming smile told her a couple of sentences, apparently apologizing and she coyly smiled, adjusting the lush volosy.Potom she watched him with interest, and I hate that look pricked. I know the meaning of such languid glances podvipivshih girls and to my surprise felt something akin to jealousy.
- Hi Marina! - He greeted, sitting in front of a dazzling smile and showing an even number of teeth.
I wanted to answer, but looking into his eyes she just melted into those big, black and a little sad eyes with long lashes, as if they were false and turned aback and blushed like a schoolgirl.
- Hello Marina- he repeated
- Hello aliquots still squeezed out of myself and I again made an attempt to look into the bottomless eyes of the young man and then fail, as if realizing that confusion Marina and put sunglasses.
- Are you in life is better than in the photo. - he said
- You, too: -nachinaya gather my thoughts I said
- Champagne for dating? - Alex asked, as if catching the gathering awkward and beckoned the young waiter. I nodded.
After a few sips of champagne, which made my head dizzy I asked looking at a hefty hand Alik.
- Do you rock? Large muscle:
- Denmark otvetilon:
- My brother has a sports club. So I use free of charge: You have to keep in shape. And here you have a great figure! Not hudaya- not like skinny I was not able to hide the smug smile and once again lowered her eyes
- Excellent juicy ass, big breasts and full of sugar gubki- he continued covering a large hand involuntarily vzdrognuvshie my hands and said:
- I imagined you naked and lost his head still when you first sent me your picture. Now, when we saw each other konfenditsialnosti agree on our future meetings. After all, we liked each other, eh?
I shrugged, sipping a breath hissing champagne.
- I like you even more, when it comes down to it: But only you and I will know about our meeting. Do you have a guy who does not love to dream, and I have a bride who totally rejects the role-playing games, and I love them very much. Meet can I do at the cottage or in your house, for example:
- No. Not in my house! - I started, little by oshalev haste Alik and presenting my jealous Yurik finds us together: Uzhaaas !!!
- So is my cottage. Well, let's try? With that, he took off his glasses and looked at her black eyes straight into mine and I once again drowning in the whirlpool. I choked, as if I sucked Giants whirlpool.
- Yes: -Slightly pause I said, subconsciously feeling that I could not refuse this assertive guy anything.
Before my eyes was the figure of my Eureka, but I firmly shook his head, and drove my way of men, with whom talked for four years.
- You will not regret. I'm sure we match each other and give each other pleasure: It will also be just a game! By the way my penis length dvadtsad seven centimeters and a diameter of six, you love big sizes. Not every condom nalezaet. And can stand all night. You'll be pleased. In addition, you as understood from our conversation in inete- I have a good imagination, not to miss pridetsya- said Alik hot breath in my face and glittering eyes. Remains Eureka faces in my mind after these words quickly faded as remorse, however:
-Oh ho! You're a sexual giant! - Smile I said feeling a little drunk.
Alex grinned smugly and continued to stroke my arm, on which the goose ran and went
- He will be fine ... it will look next to your breast. She's the fourth size? You can see? And without waiting for an answer he reached me his hand and slightly pulling the gate of my T-shirts looked on his chest, which I stuck out a bit. What can you do? She always wants to enjoy! Even if her number is not the fourth, and the third: the corner of my eye, I noticed that for these watches is the girl that Alex accidentally touched and if in retaliation for her wet eyes leaned forward to Alik detail saw her charms. In the end, I thought, why should I be ashamed? It went well and he toplesc on the beach and nothing ... just getting too hot from the predatory gaze of men:
Meanwhile, deft hand Alik quickly sklznula for lapel shirt and slipped between figured bra and delicate skin right breast. I shivered from the touch of the warm palm of your nipple, which quickly stiffened, and a strong hand and a pleasant little mash it quickly slipped out of her bra.
- Almost a quarter of the size, my favorite: Well, let's start to have fun? Agree? In addition, I have the next day's birthday, make a gift to me, my dear. - Impatiently I asked Alik eyes shining.
- Well: What should I do? - I asked playfully finishing his champagne.
- Oh, nothing, just obey me and everything. Now we will go to me -with these words, he grabbed her arm and dragged him toward the exit. I barely had time to run in high heels for Alikom.Na street Alik took my ass instead of the waist and led to the road. It can be dragged to say. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed again that the girl stares out of the window after them cafes.
- Where are we going Alik? - I asked, trying not to wag ass and trying as quickly as possible to get away with lit street. Suddenly, they see friends, I'm a little drunk go to Caucasians who unceremoniously paw my ass? Oh no !!! Again he was imagining a full and discontented face Eureka. Hurry to where the dark! Faster!!!
- Now we play a prostitute and client. You stand by the road and will portray a cheap whore. I'll catch a cab across the street and you'll be there to. The contract with you for the night for three hundred rubles and drove you to do what I did with you virtually. - Alex whispered in my ear
- And why is it so cheap? Three hundred rubles? - I was surprised, looking back
- You depict a cheap whore. First, I offer you a hundred, you have to play along with me and we potorguemsya: I went to catch a taxi. Stand here! And take off your bra, so that more fit the image of the game. - Said Alex again climbing cold fingers of my shirt and deftly pulling off my lace bra.
- Carefully, tear! It is one and a half thousand. How many times do I have to take three hundred? - I cried, releasing his hands from the straps and slightly blushing at the thought that Alex again see my bare chest.
Alex smiled enigmatically and thrusting lacy underwear in my bag as quickly gone lighting a cigarette on the go. I shivered, I began to walk along the road feeling with each step bounce her unfettered breasts bra.
Suddenly rustled the tire and drove her black "Mercedes". I hurried to her seductively wiggling hips and bowed to the driver's tinted window, watching his reflection in her barely covered breasts with protruding from the cold through the shirt nipples.
The door opened and she looked unfamiliar face cropped smiling middle-aged man with a powerful expression
- Hi baby. New? You work? We are now with three boys go to the bath. Us company hour or three? The price agree - he said, smiling inhaling cigarette
Looking closer in the dim interior I was horrified to see two more brutal men with the same persons
- No no. Excuse me! - Hurriedly said I quickly moving away from the machine.
"Mercedes" I followed her
- What is scrap? Ten pay: 'continued cropped
- No, no: -uhodya deep into the unlit streets I said.
The man opened the door and followed me.
- I do not like when I refused: What are you doing to break, how to relate to the client, why not serviced ??? With whom you work, larva? Pimp who? Baton or you yourself without a roof rabotesh? I have not seen you before, something - painful grabbing me by the shoulders and stopping, he growled.
- Yes, Baton: Sorry, I recently here, and you have a lot. Would you be the one I would have to appease. Even free. Come tomorrow. - Did not lose her patter I said looking straight into the eyes of a man and slightly raising his hands grudi.Potom I remembered that moment, and wondered why I came Maybe champagne gave me the courage? I do not know...
But there was shiokaya smile and he muttered to face fierce guy.
- Good baby. I'll come to you tomorrow at seven. Wait ... - he has said, and added softly:
- I if that Igoryok Samara name. I Loaf your roof. If someone obidit- call:
He handed me a business card patting her chest, going to his sparkling "Mercedes" and he left quickly signaled goodbye.
Before he could leave, as a drove signaled "ten" checkered, and out of the window, this time sticking friend hairy and muscular arm.
I went to his chest cautiously thereto. The window opened a crack and looked out of it and Alex beckoned her hand, saying, for some reason, with emphasis:
- E: Come quickly come here!
I'm a little surprised at the accent, walked slowly and looked bent in making out the window, which sits behind the wheel of a young blond taxi driver.
- Hello boys! What is desire? Today we have discount:
- Oral do well? - Alex asked, sitting in the back seat
- Nobody complained. Before you three are, you have seen them on "Mercedes"- Left dovolnye- I cooed, which begins like this unusual game
- Boob pokazhi- grunted in response Alik
I hesitated a little and lifted her T-shirt in the dim light of the street lamp swayed my slightly frozen breast.
- Fuck you give? - Od Alex quite complete without taking off my charms
- All of the full program doing: My pimp Baton says that we have to comply fully with the desire klienta- povilivaya bare chest from side to side, I purred.
- Sit down. Three hundred rubles, and I fuck you all dyry- throwing open the door suggested Alik
- Something a little!
- Will you show what sposobna- pay in addition! Sit down!
I sat on the back seat of a taxi and rushed to the edge of the road goroda.Po Alex ducked my head into his crotch and my nose ran into a large mound on the jeans. I wanted to bite the mound, for some reason I do not know, but when I see manhood I want it to squeeze and cuddle with full force. But then his tight jeans, disorder and I boldly rastegnuv tight pants on his jeans Therefore businesslike running his hand back. I always do my Yurik complains that I ever tear off his genital organ. Me moved simple curiosity, he lied about the size or not? If you lied, I stop the game and get out of the car.
But here is my hand came across a warm and gentle cudgel, which immediately hardened, I'm with her neboshim force he pulled out of his pants and gasped.
Before my eyes was a slight swing a huge dark dick with a big shiny head. I'm making a ring around his finger and pulled out to the tips of their own fingers! A member of the catching my movement, completely straightened up and stood in the glory vse slightly bent nazad.Skazat secret, male genitals remind me dear and good little animals who love to be stroked and caressed. Ears to attach these kids and would be even more complete komplekt.A they like to kiss those lovely creatures.
I usually displayed as them confidently enough, but here I could not resist ... from admiring exclamation:
- What it's huge!
And Alex, using my mouth open to put his head so fast that I barely had time to open his mouth even wider and moaned surprised by that member sizes.
Then the car stopped and I released the displeasure of the lip of this handsome man.
- Vyhodim- said Alec, slapping me on the ass.
We got out and walked toward an old timbered crowbar, lonely lurking on the outskirts ovrage- goroda.Alik again firmly grabbed my buttocks and I was not in a hurry, in a cafe. Man's hand on my ass and taste on the lips of a member of the so excited and worried about me, I felt the familiar throb between her legs. Going to the old house Alex opened the door and out of the doorway at me suspiciously looked wrinkled old woman. Alec took me by the hand and walked past her, I heard the old woman hissed after us:
- They come in large numbers here. Trading on the market and their shameless whores, lead sellers, every day ... Now again the entire night by fucking moaning not sleep! I turned and opened her mouth to reply, but Alex pulled me by the hand and we went into a small room with old furniture and dented armor-clad bed. Alex spun me and literally tore my T-shirt by Cavalli, threw it into a corner as if it was a pack of condoms which were filthy rags and put me on my knees, undid his pants and pointed me in the mouth of his club. I looked up at him.
- Suck. Suck vigorously. You wrote in the questionnaire that you like role-playing games. And you are now a cheap whore, which I bought. Work out the money. - He said, smiling smugly.
Here I have the light ampochki could see this hilly miracle.
Member was great! Neither before nor since, I have not seen such a size. Its size can be compared to a monument Tsereteli and small busts that adorn the squares of our cities. It was just huge and slightly bends to the right. I breathed with delight this aroma was trembling giant. In general, I love the smell of a member. Not the smell of unwashed bodies and urine, as many might think, and it is a member. It's a kind of a musky smell that I'm just going crazy. And now I rubbed the face of a club like kittens rubbing of his mother. Then I enthusiastically shoved it into his mouth and began to suck careful not to touch the teeth and feeling the hurt ligament strain mouth as part of this tender flesh passes through the tight ring of my lips.
His cock looked like a joystick, which responded to my every touch of the movement of the whole body. Alex was breathing heavily and muttering:
- I'll have you all night:
And I ... I clenched both hands hefty body and holding his head in his mouth to force him masturbating and feeling between my legs I have all the red-hot as in the oven. Unable to cope with them, I put her hand in the pants I groped skolzsky protruding clitoris and began to rub it, loud moan of pleasure. Alex picked me up like a feather, and took off my skirt and panties.
- These are the figures I like! - He said, stepping back and looking at me.
Then he threw me on the bed and hell zaskripevshuyu legs wide apart carefully introduced me to his club into the vagina.
It seemed to me that my eyes bulged and took my breath away, but after a while the discomfort passed I began to feel that huge cock get me to the throat, passing under the skin throughout the body, and my partner leaning squeezed my breasts at me and He whispered in my ear something in their own language. This went on for quite some time and I became conscious of the words Alik:
- Hush. Quiet in the wall already knocking. Do not yell like that. I opened my eyes. Am I screaming?
Meanwhile, Alex yanked flipped me on my back and buttocks apart stared me in the ass, I thought my knee. But turning around I saw it was not knee and bolt drilled me a few moments ago and was afraid that this chlenische just break my ass to pieces. As if catching my excitement Alex said:
- Do not worry, dear. I'm very experienced anal affairs. You breathe in rhythm, and I will enter into you as you exhale.
I began to breathe and Alex put me in the ass finger and pushes them. I liked it and I began to be fed back nasazhivayas at him, and when my occasional lover slipped a second, I reached out to the vagina and began to masturbate.
- Breathe, breathe - whispered Alik moving fingers, leading with his stick me on the rump. Then firmly he grabbed my strong hand for the stomach, and again stared at his huge head into my anus. I breathed in and felt the pain of what this member of the monster slowly stuck his head at me. I could not move, and the cock slid deeper and deeper into my zada.Ne able to hold back the pain, I moaned loudly and held out his hands to stop the movement of the locomotive hairy, but Alex made a move backwards, and I helplessly sprawled like a butterfly on a pin.
First Alik member moved to my ass causing severe pain and I tried to take a position, to reduce discomfort. I even pushed the buttocks with his hands, so that this mutant did not break my anus, but it helped little: Before I was engaged in anal sex with different partners and they all stayed at my slightest displeasure, but this Alik did not even think about it! He roughly gripped my chest and grabbed me by the hair, it hurts my head cocked up.
- Zhii: SBI, OOO: mentha I groaned, tugging at each syllable.
- Are you Russian whore! - I said Alik strengthen the movement.
- say, "I am Russian -shlyuha". Tell me. - He asked, breathing in my ear.
- Ya Russian whore! - I muttered.
- Louder! - He snapped.
- Ya Russian whore! - I shouted, and Alex contentedly let me go and I put her head in the pillow crumpled.
After a while, the discomfort began to pass, and I was like finding the giant in my ass, I even turned back to look at the whole process, and opened her mouth in surprise. Huge it was part of the piston out of my high battened down ass. I am very surprised that it fit all, the clatter of my halves wrinkled and hairy balls. Then Alex abruptly pulled his body turned me on my back and my legs lifted up high, put them on his shoulders raised.
- Ask me to fuck you! 'he said leading her splendid dark complexion and a continuation of my chest.
- Fuck me, Alex! Please - I said, looking into his eyes.
- Louder! - He ordered.
- Alex's favorite! Fuck me like the last whore! - I cried and clutched his chest.
Alex snorted as a stallion, and again sank into my long-suffering ass, becoming rock me like a boat on the ocean waves.
He began to growl like a beast, but I answered him languid moans in time with the movements, stroking his hairy arms. Then he took out his penis and sent into the vagina. This change places I liked, and I began to actively podmahivat this hot jigit. Then he rushed back pin me in the ass. So I've never really fucked, I amused myself with a vibrator, varying holes and give a great pleasure. But there was a real member of the giant, and its owner was gorgeous, tall and muscular guy that I really liked.
I do not know who I liked more Alik himself or hilly and swarthy miracle, more like a thick tail than on the penis.
Suddenly collapsed beneath us desperately skripevshaya bed and we fell to the floor, but Alex did not stop the movement and fucked me on the floor. Pausing for a moment, he turned me on my side and went on a delightful jump from where I was shaking like a jelly.
Lying on the floor, I saw a dusty wallows near me a beautiful white bra clasp with a torn ... and looked at Alec, but he spun me on the other side and continued the process.
Suddenly he grabbed my hand broad face and spat at him.
It surprises me flinched in the face of the man I have not plevali- only kissed and I would like to express indignation over such treatment to me, but broad and firm hand rubbed the saliva all over his face, covering my mouth.
- Liked? - Panting Alik asked again put his fingers in my ass.
Pulling them he held them over my lips, saying:
- lick:
I licked it big and long fingers, and Alex again spat in my face. Saliva flopped heavily on my schkeki and began to drain.
- Ask me to spit you in your green eyes-whorish he ordered, continuing gimlet me as a member.
- Spit in my face- I moaned loudly and arching received a fair amount of saliva.
Then he pulled his dick out of my grated hole closer to my face and began to gently tap on it.
I tried to catch his mouth head, but Alex cleverly cleaned it from my mouth and grabbed me by the neck and brought to their feet.
- Kiss them! 'he said, and bent down resoundingly slapped me on the ass.
I coyly screamed and began to kiss and lick hairy legs Alik, finding a certain charm that he treated me like a rag. Alik easily rubbed his feet on my face was between the floor and the heels of healthy Caucasian and I kissed and licked them, holding his hands behind his hairy ikru.Podnyav eye on Alec, I saw a completely crazy and mad eyes, what I saw on TV in breeding bulls before tupping. I could not scared. Wildly roaring, it hurts grabbed my hair, punched me in the face and easy to pick up as a feather back to put up a big chair, standing beside the bed collapsed.
I knocked his head against the floor, and Alex several times strongly slapped me on the behind lying on the hard surface of the chair. He parted my ass with both hands and spat back and shoved his pile. I screamed again, but apparently I only heard an old neighbor, and this sex maniac took my feet and lifted my legs up. My head was between his legs, I stood on the same hands, and he is at this point frantically fucked me. I do not know how long it lasted, almost immediately I had stiff head and I woke up only when he put me on the floor and put his red head in my face, actively masturbating. I opened my mouth and felt a bitter, oily liquid fills it. Sperm were many, and I swallowed it, almost choking.
-You nakonchal me a mouthful! I nearly choked: You're a real maniac, I have such sex has never been: 'I said wiping her lips and looking at smiling Alik.
- I told you that you'd like: I'm sorry honey, if I seemed rude to you, you make me very excited and I could not hold back! Next time I will be softer. Dress nice, must go. And I do call a taxi. - He said, and kissed me on the cheek.
: My home Alik stopped a taxi and gave the men a sacramental phrase:
- Till! I'll call:
One week I was waiting for a call, even found an excuse and had a fight with his Eureka really hoping to see and continue to communicate with a cute Caucasian. Well, I could not see my boyfriend then, I was disgusted with it! That night I dreamed of black expressive eyes Alik and his muscular arms covered with black volosami.Zatem I began to write him a letter by e-mail and knock on ICQ, but there was no answer. My sexual giant disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. Then I wanted to forget it and even tried several times to delete the photo, but my casual acquaintance, so friendly and beamed me that his fingers could not press "delet" and I almost burst into tears.
And now look at this picture and tried again unsuccessfully to remove it, I wrote this story in one breath.
And now I have to finish because Yurik gone and he can not adequately evaluate my detailed story about the unusual meeting with a fraud Alik Mamatov ...
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On that day, my boss if specially needed documents that I forgot at home. Cursing and remembering the boss, not evil quiet word, I went home.
Behind the door, screaming at full volume music. But my 22-year-old little woman loved to sing and dance, and my neighbor complained about loud music more than once. Therefore, this fact did not cause much surprise me.
Opening the door, I nearly tripped over a trampled sneakers. The door to the living room was ajar, and from there came the sound of loud music, but also heard the moans and creaking sofa. The first thing that caught my eye Zhenya favorite panties on the floor. And she Genia sat astride a member of our Anton's neighbor, 17-year-old blockhead. Anger hit me in the head, but I felt a strange excitement. My missus selflessly is placed on it, and my cock suddenly became crowded in the pants. With a trembling hand I pulled the zipper and a member slipped into his palm. Glancing at the door, I saw another participant with wide-open eyes staring at the couple and with a trembling hand Teasing already risen a pod, a pod so funny, he was on the force 14 years.
-Come here, there sidish! -prohripela Genia not stopping movements. The kid came up to her lips, and she grabbed his little cock plunging into her mouth.
-Oh, and just blew it. I slowly undressed, throwing clothes on the floor, anger replaced the excitement I experienced is just the first time he saw Genia naked.
Anton planted on Genia member and wheezed pouring semen into the vagina of my wife's tender.
-Come on ... come on you small! -zakomandovala Genia jumping from Anton and lying on his back spreading widely raised up legs- Come on, small, come on!
He ran up and began to attach to poke your body wet wide open vlagalishe, zashirokoe for its Stryuchkov but still oozing cum juice Anton and Zhenya.
-Come on Come on Boris! -Stal Podzhuzhzhevat him Anton, lounging on the couch and fingering fleshy thick cock with a big red head. I opened the door and stepped into the living room.
Do not wait. Vzvignuv Borka Zhenya jumped off and hid in the corner of the sofa, Genia slowly stood waiting for my reaction, and then they realized that I was standing stark naked with a hard dick in which Bouguereau swollen veins, and at the head of the field made a drop of semen.
-Genia dress lingerie and stockings-I said-We will continue, the boys do not mind?
-Finite ones quickly nodded in response. I sat next to Anthony and took his penis in her hand flesh still keeps the smell and warmth Zhenechkinogo womb, the flesh was tender and gently slipped under his fingers, hardening slowly gaining strength.
-Borka as you like so much? 'I asked when Genia went bust in red from which almost fell out of her full breasts size 3 (it was too small, did not hide, and emphasized their size and I liked it), red thong (small triangle of red cloth not I could hide a thick bush of pubic, which she carefully shaved leaving a strip of black hair) and in red lace stockings.
-When naked better! -probleyal One, what to expect from young naked golee and quickly shove, what to take from them.
Anton Member solidified in my hand, I saw Genia in his underwear factory, but I was tough.
-Borka you would not fuck, it's your turn. Genia baby show real sex!
Bending down, I caught lips head Anton member and plunged into his mouth, but his eyes on Zhenya. She hugged Borka and dug into his mouth, kissing her passionately Gauvreau. Her tongue tickled the tongue and throat Borka. From this kiss she became a member of the baby, if podniatsya not even have a pod, and invent in a decent, if not dryuchok the wand.
Breast Zhenya fell out of the bust open tender pink nipples that hardened by vozbuzhdeniya.Zhenechka fell on his back and pressed his head to the lips sex Borka lay aside narrow fabric panties.
-Lizhi, so now's the clitoris fellow-I listened to plunging member Anton in his mouth. He tensed up expecting this, but he liked to froze, turning I pulled my cock to his lips as if he clumsily lollipop licked a few times, then began to repeat my movements.
Now Boris lay on Genia, quickly moving backwards will drive deep dick in her vagina. She moaned, she came and Boris could not stand, he whined leaned forward, richly and densely sperm covered her lips sex.
-Anton you give it in her mouth, I said coming up to Zhenya. I hugged her fingertips feeling the delicate skin of the breasts elastic.
-I feel so good, f ... me-hot she whispered in my ear, do not hesitate to rudeness.
-And what they have long you ...?
-Boris was in my camp, do you remember when I went, it all summer last year comes ... And Anton ... we found yesterday by chance. Come on, I want you !!!
I went into the rough hot wet cunt, with excitement, I could not finish, driving member willows hot depths.
-Anton you! -otpuskaya Genia I called. Anton pulled off her panties sat down on the sofa and she climbed on top of his dick on the eggs inside her.
I went up to him and spent rearing a member abundantly blur sperm and secretions Zhenechkinymi member of her ass. Which opens when a member of Anton was part of it. I pressed my cock to the ass, slowly overcoming the resistance. Finally head went into it, no, I did not regret her ass in the camp is well developed Borka I knew it. No I enjoyed the feeling when it slid rapidly moving member Anton, separated by a thin pregorodkoy. Going on the eggs I froze and then moved his member into the rhythm of Anton. Boris fell in poking at his mouth Zhenechka struchek. But youth is quickly restored and now a member of the rose, I noticed it said.
-Borka! -vynimaya Popochki member of his little wife, I said. He took my place. His ass on white background tanned body seductively shrank from stress it focuses nozzles hammering ass my little wife. Now I pressed the head of a member of his ass. He stopped to help me get in the ass, and she succumbed to growl, I moved his ass to the owner who fucked my little wife. We all moved rhythmically breathing heavily and moaning, one Genia moaned biting his lips with pleasure and do not hide that she likes it. Pick the same time we reached, three sperm jet erupted. We sat down on the sofa beautiful company. Genia looked at me dumbfounded seemed only now she understood.
Guys zasobiralis home and I did not hold them. And dressed for the English retreated Genia sat widely spreading legs for pussy dripping cum, I pressed his lips to her bosom absorbing someone else's sperm and taste Zhenya, my cock suddenly stiffened but held his tongue over her clit feeling it slips out of folds and it caress responds to her trembling body.
I did not go to work, I carried her into the bedroom and threw his legs over his shoulders sunk in passion. I could not get enough. And can`t even to this day.
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Lived with a man baboyu, man was lazy, hard-working woman. That wife plows the land, and her husband is on the stove. Every once and drove her to shout the ground, and a man was left to cook at home, chicks mouth, and nothing can be done: fell asleep and slept for chickens: all of them crow peretaskat: running around the yard one Kvochka yes shouts himself, and he even grass does not grow. Here came the hostess and asked:
- Where are you chicken?
- Oh, little woman, my trouble! I fell asleep, and all the chickens crow and peretaskat.
- Oh, you dog hateful! Well, Kurvinen son sit on eggs, so he hatched chicks.
The next day, his wife went to the field, and the man took a basket with eggs and put on the lockers, took off his pants and sat on the eggs. That woman, do not be a fool, took the retired soldier's overcoat and hat, dressed up, he goes home and shouts with all his might:
- Hey, boss! Yes, where are you?
The man climbed to the shelf and fell to the ground together with the eggs.
- This is what you're doing?
- Father servicemen! Domovnichayu.
- Do you think you have no wife?
- Yes, but in the works.
- And you what do you sit at home?
- I hatched chicks.
- Oh, you son of a bitch! - And let it whip blow struggled so saying:;
- Do not sit at home, do not hatch chicks, and work, but the land Pasha.
- I will, sir, and to work and plow, by God, I will!
- You lie, you rascal!
Bill his woman, beat, then raised his leg:
- Look, son of a bitch! Was I in the battle, so hurt me - that podzhivaet my wound? Ali is not? He looks the man to his wife in the pi ... do, and says:
- Clouds, sir!
Baba is gone, changed into his clothes and babyu back home, and my husband sits and groans.
- What do you ohaesh?
- Yes, came the soldiers, all I was beaten with a whip.
- For what?
- Orders work.
- For a long time it is necessary to be so! It is a pity that my house would not lo, I have asked to add more.
- Well, okay well, and he will die!
- This is why?
-Yes, he was in the battle, there it between the legs ... he showed me his wound but ask: "Podzhivaet it?" I said, clouds just hurt rditsya and overgrown with moss all around!
Since then, I became a man and work on the land to ride, and the woman domovnichat.
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Phone ring. "Hey, you is not busy? I'll go, "- the voice of Max, my friend, I was pleased. I whiled away the evening at home alone - parents and sister went to the cottage for the weekend, and we could sit with Max together, and no one would have us did not interfere. He appeared on the verge of half an hour, with a bottle of vodka. He looked somehow depressed.
- What happened? - I asked.
- We parted with Olka. I have come to you for moral support. It is necessary to drink.
I took the dishes, and pretty soon the bottle was quite a bit of vodka to the bottom. Max looked more cheerful - affected drunk, and of course I tried to cheer him up. Having nothing to do, we decided to play cards. After playing a couple of times, Max invited me to play at will.
- For a wish? - I asked.
- I do not know. It is necessary to come up with something interesting. So ... Let's loser, we will disguise the girl! And then we have here a purely male company without fair sex uninteresting.
I agreed, as it turned out, was not in vain. :)
The card I lost Max - he was playing better, and was more sober due to the fact that he was a tall and strong man than I am.
- So, let's start? - Max looked at me expectantly.
- Come on. My sister in the closet a pile of belongings.
And the two of us went into the next room. Selection of women's stuff we have really proved to be a rather big - my sister watches a fashion and loves to dress nicely.
I pulled off my clothes and remained in the same family shorts.
Max, meanwhile, things went through the sisters.
- Wow, what a mini-skirt! - He was carrying a black leather mini skirt. - Is it true that you put it, you have to put under it and women's underwear.
Indeed, the skirt sister a few centimeters opened my pants and it looked silly. I look for a female lace panties, red. When I pulled them, Max appeared view my butt, almost completely open.
I noticed that he was looking at me in a strange way, but because of the alcohol in my head did not attach much importance. Then I put on my black stockings on elastic band, without a belt, skirt, bra (putting in a little cup of wool), and a brilliant topic. From shoes, I chose open black high heels. Max sat nearby, watching my reincarnation.
- Well, that's it? - I asked.
- No. Now you have to make up. - Max gave me makeup, and I set to work..
Despite the fact that the experience I have in this case there was no, it turned out quite well. Push, mascara, lipstick and blush a little - from cosmetic mirror at me looked quite girlish face.
- Feast your eyes on yourself right now! - Max took me by the shoulders and turned to the big mirror.
I saw myself in the full-length and gasped. I have a slim figure, his shoulders too narrow for the 18-year-old guy, and low growth, but in everyday life it was almost imperceptible. But now that I was fully dressed as a girl, my feminine form me a little confused. Long straight legs, plump ass, raised to the same heels ... Well, my natural hair length - to shoulders. Outsider would never have guessed that the man standing before him.
At the same time, I felt a growing excitement. I was a girl, and very attractive - at least, I would not hesitate fucked with this.
- Well, my beauty, come on, dance? - Max took me by the hand. I coyly lowered eyes, and we went into a large room. Max turned on the slow music and we started dancing. His hands on my waist excited me even more. I wanted to cling to him, but I was embarrassed, and we just kept dancing. Suddenly I felt like Maxim hands down to my ass. I looked up at him - he was smiling, not stopping their actions. I unexpectedly smiled, pressed against him all over, feeling the touch of his broad chest and hips. In a few seconds he came up to me your face and gently kissed her without stopping dancing. I'm very excited, unable to resist, said his own lips and closed his eyes, savoring the moment.
At this moment, I fully felt the girl and wanted to continue. Finally Max looked up from my lips and looked me in the eye.
- You're just a cool girl. What's your name? - He asked, smiling. His hands were still on my ass and pressed me to him.
- Call me Karina - I replied, and again we have merged in a kiss. His hands are in full crushed and rubbed my buttocks. I turned around, and began to rub his ass on his pants, feeling in his pants member hardens. The strong hands of my partner hugged me by the shoulders and waist, and his lips kissing my neck. All this turns me on so that my other self, a girl named Karina, opened her mouth and began to moan with excitement and buzz.
Max, lightly pushing on my shoulders top, made it clear that it is time to take the next step. I sat down in front of him on his knees, and his fly was in front of me. He unzipped, and ... very near my face raised his cock, I do not know why, but it seemed to me very beautiful. Its dimensions are larger than average, large pink head - they just lured me. I cautiously approached mouth to him and kissed him. The touch of his head to my lips were so soft and exciting that I felt dizzy. Sticking his tongue, I held him around the head, down to the ground and play a bit with eggs. Max sighed admiringly. I so wanted to give him a lot of fun, I did not waste time.
I grabbed a member of his mouth, and the ring of my lips slid on solid phallus Maxim. I squeezed his cock with their jaws, push-fit mouth on him almost to the pubis, and released his mouth, while caressing tongue bridle. Releasing his handsome at will, I admired him a little more, and began to rub his face on the trunk and head. Head, all wet from my saliva, sliding freely in my lustful face, cheeks and lips. I closed my eyes with pleasure. Then again, I took his penis in her mouth and swallowed almost to the throat. A little holding it so, I began to actively sit down on his mouth, holding fast to the Maximus strained thigh.
He, in turn, put one hand on my head and started fucking my mouth literally, faster and faster. I put my hands on his buttocks and felt like they were stretched - Max was close to orgasm. A few more moments of sharp jolts - his cock rested against my throat with every jolt - and then I felt his head just exploded in my mouth semen fountain. Max groaned, throwing his head back in pleasure. Thick liquid filled my mouth and emerged on the sponge, I took the cock in her hand and began to spread the seed over his face. Sperm was pleasant to the taste, and the blow caused me great pleasure, although I had finished my term in lace panties was tense. Catching his breath, Max lifted me up off his knees and kissed, not disdaining my stained sperm in his mouth.
- I have never done such a delicious blowjob - he said, hugging me.
- Maybe it will continue? - I smiled playfully Maxim, clasping her hand on his penis. He had not thought to fall, and my hand started podrachivat it.
- Yes, i am ready! - With these words, Max took off his shirt and pants. I noticed that his figure was where my masculinity - wide shoulders, pumped up press. "Well, silly as this Olya, she dumped a guy" - I thought.
We decided to continue on the floor, on the soft carpet. I lay down on his side, leaning on his elbow, and turned his back to Max. Mini-skirt has risen, and he could see the lace panties, barely concealing my ass, but on the contrary, gave her sexuality and femininity. Legs in black stockings, I closed my and removed the member forward so that my partner could not see him between my thighs. Maxim knelt beside me and pushed his pants, exposing my virgin hole .... I took his hand and licked his fingers. He put his hand on my ass, and now his fingers liberally moistened with saliva, sliding between my round buns. Gently press down on the ring anus, his middle finger got inside. Having developed my hole with one finger, Maxim has started up in one thing more, and began to fuck me with two fingers of the other hand to masturbate his penis.
I was lying on the carpet and moaned, caressing her hand, too, but not allowing himself to end and pulling fun. Finally Max fingers left my ass, and I'm prepared to lose their anal virginity. penis rested my ass Intermedia cloves, pressed, and here is my ass full member. I was at first a little sickened, but I am relaxed and completely trusted my partner. Meanwhile, Max started moving inside my ass. Slowly and carefully, he moved his hips, pushing the cock in my hole until it stops, so that I could feel his balls touch my priests. Then he put out the barrel almost completely, and shoved back, making me feel like my ass nice stretch. He began to gain momentum, and fucked me faster and faster. My groans filled the room, I was in seventh heaven, feeling the heat in the ass of the male member.
My face was burning, I was hot. Suddenly, Max pulled out his cock, I wanted to continue unbearable. He turned me on my back, spread my legs wider, and again continued planting between my buttocks. I closed my my legs covered with stockings around the waist of his hero-lover, and pulled him to her. We have merged with it in a deep sensual kiss. It was just delightful - getting his kisses and given him sprawled on the carpet beneath it, podmahivaya booty. Suddenly I came soiled panties sister's sperm, but I was at that time did not care. Just finished half a minute and Maxim, pulled his dick out of me and splashing sperm my ass. We slept on the carpet arm in arm, and in the morning I gave him a few more times.
With regard to my work email on
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The swing all come in different ways. Has anyone tried knows. In my opinion, often because of a desire to upgrade the relationship, to diversify sex, try something new. This story is not about me and my wife. It is about a couple that we met two years ago in the south and continue to meet periodically.
Very cute and beautiful couple, his name is Michael, her - Olga. Wonderful lovers. Somehow lying in bed and resting after good sex, we started talking about it, and the guys laughed told us how they did it the first time. With their permission I declare to you. The story will be in the first person, I'm so easy. At the time when it happened, Ole was 27 and 32 Misha.
Rest flagged. And the weather was good and the sea is warm, and the house took off great, with a separate entrance, conveniences and the sea just five minutes walking step, and not flagged, and that's it. And, most importantly, no one interfered with the son we left grandmothers, they are not in any release him to us, saying that they do not see it well, and then was brought and taken away immediately. In any! Olga's mother, with a wink, said that we - young people, and we ourselves need a good rest. And it's true, his son is almost seven, large, understands everything, and we live in odnushke, in short, we have sex sporadically and infrequently. That would seem to fuck all day, alone, no one interferes, and then ...! Some trifling phrase thrown in the morning, growing like a snowball, the evening turned into a hefty quarrel. Not for sex.
We have attempted reconciliation, but in the morning it started again. Moreover, and more from day to day stronger and stronger. We have only had breakfast together, starting with dinner, when a quarrel already untwisted, sat at different tables and pay every man for himself. Do not rest, and that the devils. Apparently, those years together we have accumulated a fair amount of negative energy that was torn out. Week already spent on the sea was marked by only one fine evening - arrival in the evening, and then it all started. It is time it was to leave, but did not want to upset their parents, they have doted that Olga's my.
- Do you remember the guy who sat last night with me at a table in a cafe - the 8th morning starts Olga's phrase. I tear off the head from the pillow, it is too early, it would be possible to sleep more. Olga is sitting naked on her bed (which we pushed on the third night). I could not help admiring his wife - beautiful. Genera absolutely no effect on her, no stretch marks. Even breast shape is almost retained, despite the fact that the son she nursed to a year. Only slightly increased in size, which only added charm.
- So remember, or not? - Olga, seeing that I am considering it, close the covers. In the matter of obvious provocation. Say 'no', say that I am absolutely not interested in it, I spit on it, say "yes" to say that I do not care who my wife pesters, or anything like that. I am silent.
- Turn away - this is something new! Maybe even remove another room? In, case, and will reach up to the divorce. Swear absolutely do not want. I turn to the wall and, turning his thoughts in his head, I fall asleep. I wake up to the sound of slamming doors. So, it seems. Olga went to breakfast without waiting for me. I quickly dressed and go to the dining room. That's right, she was eating his porridge. Revenge for her table no. With her sit three men, two pre-retirement age and one - man of about twenty-three - twenty-four. With him Olga cute talking. More precisely, it is something to ask, and she answers.
I sit down at the next table, and remember, and yet precisely, he would sit down to it yesterday ... and the day before yesterday. Just yesterday they were not talking, but now, here you are! Is this revenge for me to neglect it? In me wakes up jealousy, but I do not submit the form. I knew that it was a provocation. Olga finished her, says goodbye to sitting at the table, and leaves. Well, I will not give in! Quietly I eat up and go home, going to the beach. Olga is waiting for me in the house, my questions are answered in monosyllables, and in general it some thought. Oddly enough, we do not swear all day, but when I put my lunch tray on her table, she takes her pointedly tray and sits at another table. In the evening, it sits at the table again, the same guy. They are about something animatedly talking, and when he comes home, I know that we're going to the dance. I refuse, Olga go alone.
I lay staring at the ceiling, tormented by jealousy, a couple of times go out, look to see if there is a. She returned quite early. I notice it more at the end of the street, it is with this guy. Using the fact that they are in the light of a lantern, and I'm in the shadows, watching them. They say goodbye quite soberly, and Olga is sent home. To avoid being caught, quickly I undress and dive under the sheets. I have time. Olga Comes, she again pensive and silent. Pretending to be asleep, and I am silent. She turns off the light, undressed and lay down. Silent a few minutes, and then:
- Well, now I saw him - could not cheat, I saw that I do not sleep, - That I would blow it probably did!
- What-oh - I'm not stunned, I was shocked! Olga happy effect produced.
- Well, you yourself would like to invite us to the third bed! Here let me make a blow to him and in front of you - it thinks for a moment and added, - The condom only!
Wanting something I wanted, but, first, I was not thinking about the third, but the third, and secondly, I remember the uproar when I started talking about it, and when he tried a second time, Olga did not talk with me three days. And here - myself! Shock! Yes ... it just me checks! Wants to ruffle (which she, however, had already failed), he wanted me to become uproarious, and she - the victim! Will not work! Come and play, girl, well, well! I collect all the will in a fist.
- Try it!
- Do not even think of him then to do something - but spun! That's it! Now something else will come up with!
- Yes, I need it! Shantrapa goldobinskaya!
- He did not Shantrapa! He's a nice young man!
- That suck with his nice young man!
- That Suck!
- So suck! Right now!
- Not now! Tomorrow - Olga offended stops and turns back to the wall.
I'm mad at myself for not survived, escaped. Olga had already fallen asleep, and I toss and turn all by conversation impressed. What if she seriously !? And she's going to do? And where? Not going to like this I did on the "weak" threw! Fool! And now what i can do? Okay, look, tomorrow is another day! I decide so, but did not really get to sleep, then I was falling asleep, then I fall out of it. Devils that! In the morning I discover that I have is, what is called, almost resting his chin. Eggs were swollen and ache. Still, many days without sex. And then there's the kind of talk. She wants to suck! Her husband near, that suck! I look at Olga, scattered on the bed. On the chest and leg, not sheltered sheet. She smiled and smacked his lips in a dream. Maybe she has a dream, that it makes the blow ?! Come what may! Unable to fight the urge and expecting screams and outbursts of anger, I get up from his bed, I went up to his wife and I present a head to the half-open mouth during sleep and spend it on the lips. Olga immediately grabs my dick hand, puts it in his mouth and, without opening his eyes, begins to suck it up, moaning with pleasure. I mus her chest, draws his head, making the penis to penetrate deeper into his mouth, I was ready to cum, but Olga suddenly pulls away, he opens his eyes, smacking me in the testicles and smiling:
- Cool it, take care of yourself until the evening, my dear! - Che-e-rt, more sophisticated sadism just does not happen! I'm not angry, I was furious! I go into the shower and under the jets of water to my shame hand I bring the matter to its logical conclusion, the bay floor and the walls of the booth viscous white liquid. After cooling down a long standing and calming.
When I leave the shower, Olga on his feet. The slender translucent robe that is worn with not very soon, she pressed me all over, forcing my body to show signs of life, and smacking me on the cheek. He runs his hand under a towel wrapped around my thighs, holding his palm on the lifts ... member.
- How's our furry friends? You're my charm - and runs off laughing in the shower. Here ... it is also a tease!
But Olga unusually sweet, she drags me by the arm breakfast, fun chirping something on the go, and periodically pressing me all over. In the dining room it a couple of times, as if by chance, puts his palm on my pants. Here, women will not understand them! As if it was not this stupid week. But when I try to kiss her, she pulls away with a laugh.
- In the evening, Misha, all night!
At lunch in the cafe to our table suited guy yesterday.
- I did not stop?
- What are you, no! Of course Sit down! Oh, guys, get acquainted, it is Igor, yesterday we met with him, he escorted me to the dance, and that Michael, my old friend, it can be said a neighbor - the one-and-ak, I became a friend! And yet ... we are not ring wear - during the day, so as not to have slipped from his finger in water, and in the evening, simply forgetting to put them on. So, Olga decided to continue to tease me! You can not, my dear!
- Very nice - included in the game, I shake his hand.
- Mutually - he sits down at our table, and begins a lively conversation about the theater premieres in Moscow. I'm not interested in this topic, and I pull out the paper. Igor, apparently trying to understand the extent of my claims to Olga several times asked me some questions, but seeing that I do not support their conversation lagged. Olga also occasionally threw glances at me, trying to see my reaction. I did not yield. After a while, Igor zasobiralsya, he had a massage - a sore shoulder after an accident. We said goodbye to the hand (can not be you, dear today to bring me out of myself!), Olga, he bent and kissed her hand, and she invited him to join us on the beach, explaining where we lie.
On the beach, the three of us played volleyball, swam a few times they went to bathe together. I do not know, that he allowed himself there, but when we played cards a couple of times I noticed the corner of his eye as he held his hand over Olga's ass. But I pretended that nothing special happens, causing confusion in the view of his wife. That's it, even see who will bring out of yourself first. When zasobiralis home, offered to accompany Igor Olga, but she refused, saying that I spend, say, along the way, offering in turn the evening to go to a restaurant - to eat and dance. Igor gladly accepted. they agreed on the place and time of the meeting, and he ran away. On the way home, Olga went to the barber shop, and I had a good time is playing a game of billiards in the club across the street. Good distraction, by the way! They came home, took a shower, and in turn began to gather - time to spare. Olga, slyly glancing at me, chosen, in my opinion, the most sexy outfit, which was brought from here - a short cocktail dress, completely closed in front, but with a huge cut-back. On the side was still cut, in short, get crazy! Wearing a thong uzyusenkie and asking to help her sort out the dress, Olga has caused such an erection in me ...! Seeing bristling in his pants pants, she leaned over, undid his pants and pulled out a member and by running his mouth, several times went through his tongue.
- Everything is enough, octal - then - she stepped back and buttoned his pants. As it gets itself this game! But I will not give up and win ... or ... Ms? In short - the more we'll see who wins!
A small cozy restaurant is almost on the waterfront was cozy enough, despite the almost full house. Gently sounding music, delicious cooked dishes, excellent Abkhazian wine did their work - Igor, first tense and clearly unhappy that Olga did not come alone, relaxed and took over the lead. Interlocutor, he was really good, not only knew a lot of stories and anecdotes, but also knew how to tell them. Olga went to the toilet and I, watching her figure Okay and bare back in the cut, he heard the question, a converted me:
- Michael, a lady will divide? She's like you, too - it was felt that the guy is long overdue this problem. Still I did not like my wife! Fool, do not realize that Olga plays. And who told you that I am a wife with whom to share something going? Yes, and we physically can not be compared, except that he is younger. But I wonder how it will get out of this situation, and I'm taking advantage of this situation, it aggravates the situation by moving away from a direct answer:
- Do you like her? Well, do not get lost! - I say, sipping wine (That's it, my love, now let's see how it will!). Having a blank check, the guy has blossomed, and when Olga returned immediately dragged her to dance.
I could see how he whispers something in her ear. I was annoyed, it's time to stop long-running show, but with growing jealousy and a strange excitement. I was spellbound looking at the hands of Man, stroking my wife's naked back. They return, Olga excited, her face flushed. I do not know what she whispered Igor in there, but at the table, he behaves well. However, I have not gone on as he poured wine into glasses, prioblokotilsya on her leg, right at the cut dresses. Yes, high-spirited boy will go far! Again I played slow music, and Olga invites me to dance. She pressed me all over, and I feel like I have to rest against her hard nipples, fine tremor of her body, characteristic of a fair field. Lord, how I want it! Well, wait, dobermsya home, I'll show you! Today you will not leave me! Then she tells me that at this moment waiting for me to say that enough, and taken away her home, but I said nothing, and the game continued. When we got back to the table, I stumbled upon an ardent glance Igor. It seems that the boy decided that the girl has it. The other two or three times he danced with Olga just once and I had the opportunity to observe his hands, wandering back and ass wife. In fact, it was time to stop the play, but something stopped me. And Olga did not show any signs of discontent. Moreover, it seems to have all loved it. She even once a sly glance in my direction, Igor kissed on the lips after the end of the dance.
For dessert we were served melon and Madeira to it. Olga, already pretty drunk, drank almost a full wine glass and capriciously stated that we are now picking up the wine and go to the sea, because she wants to bathe. Finally. Now we reach the sea, there is at this time still quite crowded, Olga says that you need to go for a bathing suit and everything .... We bargained a little with Igor, who will pay for the table and, in the end, paying half, went. Maybe Igor thought that I should fall behind, I do not know, but even if I wanted it, nothing would have happened, Olga was with us by the arm and unhooked only when we arrived.
- So, the boys - to the right, the girls - to the left - she commanded, and he went forward only some five or six steps, unbuttoned dress and a second remains in some thong completely shocked me this. When I offered to go to the nudist beach, she rolled me a tantrum, and here, in front of strangers ... the peasant. Although the yard and the night in the moonlight and the glow of lanterns I saw the great white, not tanned body swimsuit under dark spots nipples and lace thong. It does not hesitate, she came up to us and kissed us one by one in the cheek, causing my strongest burst of energy in his pants. I think that Igor had something like that, looking at the slender figure Oli. She took a sip of Madeira wine straight from the bottle and ran to the water, shining in the darkness untanned ass.
- The boys behind me - she cried and ran into the water. I do not have to wait long, the excitement in the pants, definitely require a cold shower. Throwing off his pants and underwear (and who is shy, his wife, or that ...?), Holding the hand swollen to impossible to farm, I also dived. I wanted to catch up with Olga and say that it is time to stop the play, but she had heard that I catch her, she ducked, and it floats in my well - look-fistula her in the dark night sea. I know I need to calm down ... I was shocked by the behavior of his wife, I could not understand myself, jealousy provoked in me furious excitement. I just swam in the sea, as in the old days, in training in the pool, laying breath for four counts: stroke, breath, stroke three, exhale into the water and over again. Swimming distract from everything and, carried away by the rhythm, I woke up when the bank, according to the warm glow of lanterns, was five hundred meters from the shore. Turning, I swam back already breaststroke. Neither Olga nor Igor on the way back I met. It was not them and the things on the beach. Driven by jealousy, I went along the shore to the right, where it was dark. Missing steps already discovered twenty-five Igor lying on a sun lounger, and my precious sucked at it, standing cancer. What is happening to me, it is hard to imagine. All divorce tomorrow! Let sucks who wants! A new surge of jealousy resulted in a completely mad erection, and I, knowing little what I was doing, came up from behind, I pushed aside the wet striped thong and just drove his cock in her tormented slurp from juice and seawater slot.
Judging by the sharply constricted vagina and Olin moan, she immediately came, and I suddenly wanted to get a closer look as she does blowjob to another. She sucked, his eyes closed, but when he heard that I was there, looked up from Igor and took in his mouth my cock completely wet with her juices, while continuing to masturbate Igor. Then she told me that Igor, hot wine and its views, began to pester her back in the water. And while it is, in fact, did not want to continue, but only wanted to tease me, considering that I pay little attention to it, and all the waiting, I'll stop it all, his gentle touch was pleasing to her. He was gentle, his touch to the nipples and ass, drunk alcohol and my presence somewhere near wildly excited when Igor, kissing her neck, pressed against her ass fair hillock in swimming trunks, she suddenly wildly wanted to touch his hand. Olga said, kissing, being raised at the same time more and more. And when Igor, picked her up and carried her to the shore, Olya has thought that nothing terrible will happen if she will make cum perevozbudilsya boy hand.
Igor, of course, like the other. He picked up their belongings and Olga dragged along the beach, not even giving the dress, apparently fearing that is about to show up myself. They moved quite a bit, and Olga, realizing that you can not go to the beach, and that can happen irreparable, asked him to stop to get dressed. But as soon as she took the dress in hand, Igor put his arms around her from behind, put his hand on his chest, and, taking his mind, he began to kiss her neck. Thick trunk member uprshiysya in the hollow between the buttocks, did desire to simply unbearable. "Another minute of kissing, and I just give him everything. And this is - a divorce! But I love Misha! That's stupid, she ventured, now is not rashlebat! No, it is necessary to make the boy come, can then pouspokoitsya! "- Thought Olga and fighting the urge to use a member of the appointment, she put Igor on the bed, pulled out of the heats of his friend and, standing beside her, began to masturbate him. In the darkness, it was evident, and it is bad to see Igor eldu, she leaned closer.
Action was exciting, it was first held in the hand of someone else's land, so that in the hands, here it is, at the very mouth. "I wonder what it tastes?" - Thought Olga, clutching a thick cock and busy making rhythmic movements. Below her was a fire, it was ready to cum herself, she was fascinated by so as not to hear, I went. And suddenly - a push from behind, Igor is the head in her mouth, and vagina, pulling up the uterus fills a huge cold cock. Unreality - I suck in the presence of her husband, and in doing so he fucks me - caused Olga powerful long-awaited orgasm and quite rabid desire, she suddenly realized that he could not stop, she wanted these two men, these males! And when a member of her husband, extracted from it, turned around, Olya, grateful to her husband for the delivered moments plunged him familiar with every cell, every wreath, into his mouth. Member in his hand was thinner than a member of the mouth, but still magnificent specimen and Olga wanted two.
And I looked at my dick sucking wife, to a member of Igor in her hand, on her eyes, radiating the glow of lanterns in the frenzied lust, and my jealousy suddenly replaced by an extraordinary affection for his wife and a great desire to please her. Olga, as if reading my thoughts, looked up from my penis and said:
- Boys, I froze, let's go better for me - Olga throws the shirt Igor, removes wet strings, picks up the dress and shoes, and strongly directed to the exit to the beach. I again dumbfounded - and this is my wife? Shirt Of course the length of not shorter than the dress, but narrow dress and his shirt off like flies. At each step, anyone can see, everything you want! True Night in the yard, and there is none, and go here for about three minutes, but still ...! Vaughn as booty sparkles. I suddenly felt that if we do not finish it, then my balls just explode. Somehow I pulled his pants, and with difficulty tucking them swollen cock, I rushed to his wife. Near nozzles Igor. Having caught up with it, we are not saying a word, quietly began to paw her.
Our Igor hands, bumping into each other, grabbed her by the buttocks, chest, down to the wet pussy with desire. On the way to do it was uncomfortable, and could fall to meet some belated camper or car, but we did not stop.
- Boys, be patient, almost arrived - judging by the hoarse voice, our attack loved her. Olga opened the door (I did not understand where she was a key), literally pulls us in, sat down in front of us to his knees, pulls out of his pants, two of our crowded Cola and begins to caress, rubbing against each other, licking and taking in the mouth then alternately, then trying to shove them back together. All! The orgasm was so strong that I had already darkened in the eyes. I spilled my wife in the mouth for a long time, feeling the next measurement, and twitched, ending, Igor. Sperm was so much that Olga did not have time to swallow our cocktail, and it flowed down her cheeks, dripping onto his shirt. "And I said - with a condom! "- Quite inappropriately flashed through me.
- Boys, I'm in the shower, and you move the bed - my God, she wants to continue! And I? I want this? In front of my eyes sweep pictures: Olga sucks Igor and I, pushing the thong, fuck her cancer, Igor and Olga Fingering sucking me, Olga licks our heads, and semen dripping from her face on his shirt. YES I WANT TO! The brain is something incredible! Member reacts differently to my thoughts, starting to rise.
We quickly move the bed and I throw myself into the shower. Olga already washed away the sperm and is basking under the warm jets of water. I hug her, turns and tilting forward, abruptly enter into it. In order not to lose balance, she pulls his hands forward and ... rests in the incoming Igor. He grabs her and tilts even further - to its members. Olga clings to the hips of Igor and his cock, swaying to the beat of my movements, touches her lips. First, just the lips, and then she sticks her tongue out and teases him and, finally, Olga hand sends it into his mouth. The situation gets all the I mus hips, and Igor - chest moaning Olga. And all in bright light. We pecked her, trying to penetrate as deeply as possible. I feel like is compressed, ending with, clicking, and barely having time to pull out of the woman dick cum on her back. The pressure is so great that some of the sperm, flying, Olga goes to the hair, and some - in the belly of Igor. She let out a member of his mouth, he begins to lick the droplets. Olya clearly disappointed - very quickly got out of it without giving enjoy orgasm. I wipe the back of the couple, and Igor picks up the slender body of my wife and bears him on the bed. While I wash her boyfriend, from there distributed moans. Entering the room, in the light of a lamp I see that Olga is widely spread legs apart and lick her oozing Igor schlku. In front of his wife - lust and dumb question. I nod - all is possible. She turns around and pulls out from under the pillow pack of condoms (from ... dvenadtsatishtuchnogo set, we used only one - on the first night!).
Igor shaking hands trying to put one over, Olga tries to help him. Then he tries unsuccessfully to get into schlku Olya experienced by just finished, where she narrowly, and he either inexperienced, or just worried. He pokes in sweltering woman, and I decide to come to their aid. Fingers spreading pussy lips wife, I will extend the hand of his cock in her womb, odurevaya from himself. Olya, receiving the coveted toy in his schlku, so even with the help of her husband, begins to moan wildly. In order not to wake the neighbors, I plug my visyunchikom her mouth, and I understand that I still do not over - on the kind of fucked in front of me and the wife under her caresses member starts again quickly swell. That was then, remember the difficulty: changing positions, breaks, to drink wine, or wash, Igor, lick schlku wife, after I had finished there, she is sucking us something together, one by one. Olenka asked for mercy early in the morning, after we took it from the bottom at the same time, I am in the ass (which until that night had never - not allowed), and Igor in schlku. Amazed our endurance (preziki over!), A pancake, as in his younger years, absolutely become stupid from what he saw and experienced, I fell asleep.
Woke up in the morning has a deep, Olga was lying nearby and sniffling, Igor was not there. I asked where he was, Olga said that when I went to sleep, he suddenly noticed on the window sill our family picture: I, she, and son, asked who it was, and she said that we he went, supposedly in the shower, and all. Do not come back (by the way, we have not seen any longer, I do not know what he thought, but, most likely, all gone). I thought that tears were meant to him, it turned out, no.
- How are we now going to live with you - Olenka cried - Forgive me, fool, I did not want ... just teasing ... but ... you throw me now ... I damn, yes .. so me? it! ..
The best remedy for hysteria - sex, I'm tipping her onto her back, spreads her legs and enter (where power come from?) In it. Gouging night clicking and squeezed flatly member was allowed to stay for a long time, Olga has time to finish three times. And when she lies, relaxed, I was risking his neck, telling her that I would be more interesting to see it was a woman.
She began to cry again, crying sucking me and recognized that such sex she had never been, and that though she still hurts when healed, she was pleased to give me the ass more, she would also be interesting to see how I with another. In short, we decide to find a pair, and to try to implement his plan. By the way, soon it did not work, meet people over the Internet, the two have grown to love the meetings, but failed. It was only the following year, on the train, in a compartment, met with a nice pair with Sergei and Lena (by the way, are we).
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Night forest quiet and dangerous. He seemed transfixed in anticipation of something terrible surprise. Silent birds, the wind rustles the leaves no longer, as in the afternoon, the huge black shadows closing in on all sides, threatening death to anyone who dares to enter the forest ownership gods after darkness falls to the ground.
The forest was full of ghosts and witches, there lived those who rejected the People: werewolves, vampires, elves and a killer who roamed the world after the last war that ended only four years ago. The world of men has been thoroughly destroyed, it survived only a few cities and knights' castles, managed to resist evil. In the expanses of the destroyed World wandered lonely warriors in robes strangers. They wanted revenge. The forest became their refuge and shelter, gave them shelter and food.
Penetrating into tears the clouds, the moon lit up the forest to their dim light, the shadows are longer and more dangerous. Somewhere nearby an owl cried, and there was silence in the anxious waiting. A lone deer walked on the moonlit glade, trembling nostrils, pulled the air and, as if sensing danger, jumped up and disappeared into the bushes. Again there was silence.
Suddenly, the bushes parted, and the clearing was a girl. She trod softly on the moss, trying not to step on the fallen branches, so as not to disturb the peace of the forest. The girl was pretty: long blond hair flowing over her shoulders, big beautiful breasts, barely covered tunic, rose with each breath, and its elasticity became clearly visible to an outside observer. Long beautiful strong legs, short skirt barely closed, completes perfectly shaped ass, which would be envied by any of the urban women. Thin waist connected the top and bottom of this magnificent figure. The girl was very beautiful, and apparently, the desire of many, if not one but ... Behind her was attached a short sword, and hung on his hip, decorated in an unknown master scabbard sword.
She belonged to the Gothic tribe of female warriors Valgorn that in the last war was almost completely wiped out, and only a few of them managed to escape death, becoming a lone warrior fighting against evil. She was 23 years old, and four years ago she took part in the war, while avoiding death.
The girl's name was Yolanda, and she walked into the distant kingdom of Vasteras to merge into the ecstasy of love to the one seen only once, princess Marion. The hardships of life taught not to be afraid of the dangers and the sword in the hands allow her to fend for themselves. She has had dozens of defeated enemies. She was one of them - the single soldiers looking evil.
The road was Yolanda, was barely visible even in the daytime, but at night it could only find an experienced tracker, but she was like one of the gods showed her the way. The silence did not frighten her, sensitive ears catch any sound. The forest around getting thicker and darker light of the moon is almost not covered road, but putnitsa stubbornly went ahead toward the unknown.
Suddenly the forest wall parted and she went to the shore of a small forest lakes. Approaching him, Yolanda looked around, then went into the water up to his ankles, washed her hands and face. Out on the beach, she listened. Somewhere in the distance a wolf howled, a light breeze rustled the leaves. The trail ended and where to go she did not know. According to rumors around here I lived insidious witch Esther, who would not let a living out of their possessions anyone. With these thoughts, Yolanda sat down against a tree and fell asleep. Sleep is not long in coming. It was about that time when the world was happy when evil has not yet dared to go to the Light.
Suddenly a light breeze has brought to the sleeping girl smell of smoke. Opening her eyes, she listened again. No, again nothing was heard, but the smell of smoke became even more clearly. Rising from the crumpled grass, Yolanda went against the wind, cautiously making their way through the willow thickets along the lake. Soon her eyes opened another meadow, on the edge of which, hiding in the roots of centuries-old trees, lurked a small hut. There was a fire and something cooked. Without a doubt, this was the home of the witch Esther, which feared by all in the neighborhood.
In the stomach, Yolanda was empty in the morning. Stealthily, she made her way to the entrance of the hut and looked carefully into the slot near the door. Around the hearth was bustling tall woman of indeterminate age, dressed in a long black dress. On her head was a strange cap. She was cooking something and cast spells. From dwelling witch came a warmth that Yolanda has ceased to control the body. Without knocking she opened the door and went inside.
Seeing the intruders, the witch grabbed a knife lying on the floor and ran screaming at her. However, the form of militant witch is not scared Yolanda. She took a step to the left, caught the hand with a knife, and then wrapped her arm witch. The knife fell from his hand, and she was the mistress of huts immobilized.
- Who are you - hissed the witch - I will erase in a powder.
- My name is Yolanda, I'm one of the remaining soldiers Valgorn tribe. I need only accommodation and meals, and the road to the kingdom of Westeros.
- I'm Esther and death to anyone who was in my possession.
- My magic is not to kill, but if you're a warrior, then fight with me, - said intruders and let go of his hand witch.
As soon as Esther was free, she threw herself into a corner of the hut and grabbed an ax lying there. Swinging, that there are forces, she tried to hit her, but she leaned over and ax, without causing any harm to her, flew into the far corner of dwelling witch. Strange hat fell from the head of Esther and her shoulders fell a beautiful wavy black hair.
"And she's beautiful," - thought Yolanda and jumped to the witch. Grabbing her by the collar of the dress, it is strongly jerked it in different directions. Dress torn to the waist, revealing the body of Esther. In light of imprisonment as balls, jumped rather large breasts with erect nipples. witch's body was lean and devoid of fat.
Thin waist graceful lines passed into elastic back, which still remains hidden behind the dress. She was no more than thirty years, although in the district, it was considered a deep old woman. Of the victims, Esther. He bled and regularly made from her bath, which gave the body an even greater perfection.
Yolanda took his victim's waist and her lips sank into the nipple right breast Esther.
- You can not get a hold of me, - said the witch, - no man was able to give me the greatest pleasure. You can not, and it is you, woman. You can master my body, but the master of my soul you will not succeed.
In response, the visitor pushed Esther on a pile of rags in the corner of the hut and slowly began to take off her clothes, looking in the eyes of the victim. First, the floor dropped the sword and a small knife in a sheath, then the bag with food residues. After this has been reset soft Gothic boots. Then Yolanda straightened up and took off her short tunic, revealing at the same time his magnificent, devoid of fat, the body. Lying on a pile of rags, the Witch watched this action. Suddenly her attention was attracted by the growing mound on short skirt girl on the spot of her pubis. Seeing her look, Yolanda unzipped zipper on the side of the skirt and sharp movement pushed it aside. Before the astonished witch appeared in all its glory large elegant little turned-up member.
- Take it in your mouth, - a hoarse voice said Yolanda, but Esther did not seem to hear her. Then she lightly struck witch hand on the cheek and she opened her mouth. Member immediately entered it. It was so long that it penetrates into the throat, creating inconvenience. Yolanda put her hands on the witch's head and began to slow deep movements fuck her in the mouth. Member began to grow in size and become firmer. Esther began to choke.
Full of the mouth of the victim, Yolanda took out a member of her mouth. Taking Esther for her dress, she became rude to tear it apart, exposing her shapely legs and elastic ass witch. When the dress was finished, perfect body witch presented itself ... eyes warrior in all its glory. No longer able to endure, Yolanda fell upon his luxurious body on Esther and dug into her lips a passionate kiss, but the witch pursed lips were a response to this passion. Then she went down below to the neck of the victim, went through her tongue, then picked up her breasts, squeezed them. Soon I came to replace the hands nimble tongue that ran through her nipples and went down on a flat stomach witch.
All the while, the witch was lying motionless, tightly clenched legs. Wishing female flesh, Yolanda slipped his left knee between her legs and spread compressed them. Behind the left foot and right followed. Now Esther was vulnerable to pressure tormentor. Her vagina was narrow and beautiful. Only twice he has been a member of the men there, and then a very long time. That experience was a bad one, and memories of him were unpleasant witch.
Meanwhile, Yolanda began to move her ass back and forth, rubbing his big dick pubis victim. Sometimes a member of the pubic slipped and rested at the entrance to the vagina.
- You can not subdue me myself - Esther whispered, closing his eyes, resigned to the inevitable.
No longer able to endure, Yolanda slowly introduced his penis into the vagina witch and also slowly began to move forward. Going into the cave completely, member ran into the uterus and froze, waiting for the reaction of the victim. Reaction was no. Then I cock slowly crept back to the door, and then forward again. The vagina is stretched him like a glove, and it brings some inconvenience Esther. She tried to think of something abstract, but each time the thought back to what is happening. Soon, she was surprised to felt that the inconvenience of the first minutes somewhere disappeared and replaced it hitherto unknown feeling.
Yolanda is rammed full swing vagina witch, penetrating into it slow strong movements.
The air smelled of sex. copulation tempo gradually increased and she was pleased to note that it was the victim rotate hips and moaning softly. Placing his hand on the crotch of the victim, Yolanda began to rub her clit. Moans intensified witch.
Neglected both legs on his shoulders, Esther, Yolanda became harder and faster to drive a stake into the vagina witch. Witch's body shook, she was not moaning, and screaming. In her mind flashed some events, but her whole being was focused right now on the penis, which penetrated into those depths, which does not pass anybody. He gave her pleasure, and she gave herself entirely to him. Suddenly something exploded in her head and shattered small colored sparks. Esther twisted and writhed in orgasm, the first ever of its thirty-year life.
She squirmed, cried, kissed and scratched his tormentor, and she, leaning on it continued its voluptuous torture his body.
As soon as the convulsions of orgasm left the witch, and she opened her eyes, Yolanda said:
- Now you're mine.
It is a member of an ever-increasing speed penetrates into Esther, who did not understand anything. After the first orgasm followed by a second, then a third, and she had finished, and had finished and it seemed that there is no limit.
Yolanda, seeing the happy face of his victim, suddenly felt the approach of his moment of sensuality. Pulling a member of Esther, she began to cum on her face, chest, abdomen, and then exhausted, fell close to a recent victim. Both lay together panting.
Already through the nap Yolanda Esther heard a voice:
- I am now yours. Be my gotessoy.
Opening her eyes, she hugged the witch and said,
Now you are my wife and a friend. I'll be your gotessoy.
I am waiting for reviews girls ready.
We, lone soldiers have something to talk about in the stillness of the night. I love you and I want. Your Inga
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And I thought, how can celebrate this day, to be remembered, but in addition it wanted to repeat as required. I have a friend there - who will be the third? We decide together: him and me. My friend decided to make a gift to me. He knew my tastes and preferences.
And now the day has come.
I come to his house. But he asks me to swim in the bathroom (it's so chistyulya, like me). I wash humming a little song, go out of the bathroom naked and clean. I walk into the room, and there? Naked girl lying on the bed, the length and breadth tied with a ribbon, as a gift, and a nice little clean-shaven pussy and a huge bow. Wow! "The beauty! - I clapped his hands. "
My gentle friend put me poison with "gift", and began to untie the teeth and lips bow, standing on her knees and raising his ass up. And my boyfriend became my caress and kiss ass and Kiku. Meanwhile, I untied the bow and dug into my bud "Presents". She moaned and spread her legs wide. I have it, it is me, oh how lovely! My friend has prepared my ass, entered into me from behind. I started up in earnest.
Position changes.
Now, my friend, caressing my girl-klitorochek volcanoes. He does it skillfully, gently and at the same time passionately. She caresses and licks my ass. Then my friend comes into my pussy his boy, and the girl continued to kiss my ass and licks at the same time the roots of my favorite.
Kaif, fly away - it's just super!
My mouth was bored, he wants to work and lick. Give the same!
My friend quickly goes from the cave, and I grab the boy deep into her mouth. So deep that it seems to swallow right now. Then I kiss the tip of my tongue flutters like a butterfly. Strong - weak, fast - slow.
Well, everyone, everyone needs a little bit cool.
We sat down on the bed. My favorite carries three glasses, and we drink for my health. And then I have a fantasy born. I take a glass of wine, a friend put on his knees, ass up, watering his ass and lick wine with his penis. I'm drunk, but from what? From holiday and with emotion.
She lend me your klitorochek I passionately lick and finger go into its hole. Nearing the climax of the festival. My friend contrived to come into my pussy and my fingers tugging volcanoes. The girl shivers and moans, I was shaking like a fever, one growls like a beast. It was as if an electric current is passed through the three of us: the orgasm was so strong and the depth that the whole room lit up bright fire.
This is top class.
Thank you, my gentle friend and depraved! The holiday was a success.
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